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  1. OfficerMike32

    Earpiece location

    Does anyone know where the location of the IAA earpiece is in open iv? I can’t seem to find it the reason I’m looking for it is so I can make the earpiece black.
  2. OfficerMike32

    EUP Replacement Shoulder Mic & Body Cam

    Amazing job man looks great with the uniform!
  3. OfficerMike32

    2011 Ford Crown Victoria CHP Pack

    Amazing pack man! Hey by the way could you possibly make a SAHP reflective skin?
  4. This mod is absolutely amazing definitely one of my favorites keep up the great work! And do you think in a future update you can put in a handcuffing sound like we had in LCPDFR that would be awesome
  5. OfficerMike32

    Los Santos County Sheriff Texture Mega Pack

    Amazing RSO style skins! This pack looks great along side the Hemet based pack
  6. This is a amazing vehicle I absolutely love the marked unit, but is there a way to make the slicktop fully unmarked? I can't seem to figure it out or find anything on it.
  7. OfficerMike32


    Does anyone know how to make the vehicle spawn with components and liverys of your choice for the ai police? And excellent model by the way!
  8. OfficerMike32

    LAPD Ford Police Interceptor Utility (2014) [ELS/NON ELS]

    Very nice model but the lights never work always out of place I've tried add on and replace along with read me's and suggested siren settings + carcols and the lights still don't work. any suggestions?
  9. OfficerMike32

    Real Police Stations

    This is a awesome mod! but the mission row station exterior and Vespucci station are still vanilla how do I fix?
  10. OfficerMike32

    Law Enforcement Revamped LSPD-Style

    These are very amazing skins they were the first mods in my game! Also only question the vest for the ped is really dark is there a fix?
  11. OfficerMike32

    Rage Plugin Problem

    When I try to open the rage plugin it says it's already running but the game doesn't start up. I can send a picture later if needed. All files are unblocked as well. Is the version the problem I installed the latest rage version and I'm on the latest gta 5 update?
  12. OfficerMike32

    Rage Plugin Problem

    No it doesn't show up
  13. OfficerMike32

    Rage Plugin Problem

    I have all requirements every other mod runs fine I just can't get rage to open in game with f4
  14. OfficerMike32

    Rage Plugin Problem

    I have the latest gta update and ragehook and everything needed is installed and downloaded.
  15. OfficerMike32

    Rage Plugin Problem

    I recently downloaded lspdfr on my PC and ragepluginhook the game boots up fast as it should but when I press f4 in game to open the rage menu it doesn't open. any suggestions to what it may be?