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  1. Thank you for the response, I found this a while back and it worked out great.
  2. Yea i can Hit you up in discord and see what up Yea i can't access your discard my friend shoot me a message with a link if you can thanks man.
  3. Hey about that issue with not closing the computer screen its still doing it to me.
  4. Hey, good car huge fan one thing I wanted to know is if there is a way to add more color optician to the car other then black let me know how and I can do it myself xD
  5. For sure, Thank you for your time! you have made a awesome mod!
  6. @uscf22 ok I am using the Realism Dispatch Enhanced Builder to see if it will set it up to work out with each other on its own get me? because the XML keep failing to load..
  7. @uscf22 for sure I will have to look at that and see if its set I tried loading it in and it told me to load in failed XML xD I think it's because I have Realistic dispatch mod and need to rebuild it xD changed that setting testing now maybe no need to rebuild RD
  8. Ok i will go download that right now and see whats up
  9. I am also using Police Radio by By DCP1293 would that conflict with calling better ems?
  10. Would love to see this integrated with Better EMS, I am a huge fan of this mod it works great for me but the basic EMS sucks when you have better EMS installed, Is there a way you can develop it to work with better EMS?
  11. Yes sir i just wanted to see if you had a way and i understand completely where you're coming from yourself it's a cool plugin and suggest you do try it for yourself, but i will get ahold of him to request it from him also but it sounds like your very open-minded to work with the other Dev i am guessing?
  12. Would love to see this integrated with Voice Dispatch so when I request EMS it sends better EMS and not the stock gameEMS xD Cool mod For sure!
  13. Ok i will load the build back in and try and i will let you know if i can close that.
  14. Yea I am using Raw input and I tried the adding a close key with no success. and it is odd lol i thought you guys would like to know
  15. so the mod works great the only issue I am having is Taxi caps tops are just so over powered that they just look like balls of light any idea on how to fix this?
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