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  1. Hi, I have set my account to not send me notifications via email, or anything for that matter, but I'm still getting emails every single day. I don't play GTAV anymore and I would really like for the emails to stop, so I would like my account to be deleted please. Thanks in advance!
  2. Horrible news, she's an icon... Christmas is killing all the famous people!
  3. Or just disable the Hud all together, I don't know if there's an option in Simple Trainer, but I use Menyoo, and it is there.
  4. Man I would be scared sh*tless if I drove by a bush and saw an Apache (or at least that's what it looks like) hiding behind it, lol Makes you wanna step on the brakes like there's no tomorrow!
  5. Oh wow! I never knew things were like that! I guess that the country I live in doesn't have the resources to do things this way I'm thinking I could have googled it, but didn't know this was really a thing in America, so I thought I wasn't gonna find anything. One's never too old to learn! Thanks!
  6. This may be a weird question, and I wanna point out that although I'm dutch... I really know my English. There is however one thing that I can't seem to figure out, and that's what the print on the back of the men's LSPDRF shirt means. It says 'Speedlimit enforced by aircraft'. I know what enforced means, but the phrase keeps boggling my mind. PS, I'm looking to buy one, but not knowing what the print means seems a little retarded to me . Thanks!
  7. Hi! Good to have you, and merry Christmas to you too!
  8. hey guys, I'm kinda new on this forum and to uploading on youtube. This is my first narrated video, so I'm the noobiest of noobs on this... be gentle
  9. Isn't there a ReadMe enclosed? Most of the mods have a manual for installation in the folder.
  10. Lol, that is one seriously clogged up PC, I could imagine it runs like 30% faster after the cleaning. TBH I clean my PC every 2-3 months, this one hasn't had it's side cover off in 2 yrs or so.
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