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  1. Hmmm for some reason when i go to the command ~ spawn fbi it crashes my game
  2. Anyone have a template for this? if so pls send that to me. that would be awesome
  3. So i need help. i saw steve the gamers video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmllWb3TEa0 at 2:18) and how the top of his nypd lights spun faster/how do i make them spin in 60fps i guess you could say, any one know how to make it that?
  4. So i dont know how to make all my lights on on my vehicle blue not red and blue just blue..
  5. Then yep thats the problem... i suggest dont ever use auto installers because back then gta 4 was a huge game and ill bet there was alot of viruses and other crap that will download on your computer. What i do is use an app called SparkIV and its pretty simple. If you want me to make a tutorial on YouTube i for sure will! Also most likely theres a readme.txt inside a file you download and inside is a installation instructions
  6. Iv been looking for a good spotlight script/plugin and i cant find one.. can someone please link me to one that would be great, thanks
  7. Im guessing you havnt edited the other cvpi textures... its that or the one you downloaded is broken
  8. So when i use mirillis action and try to start gta 4 it makes the game to crash. i also tryed starting the game and then opening action but then the game will crash again.. idk what to do.. help?
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