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    KnightHawkOne reacted to cp702 in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    Please keep support to the support sections. Thanks.
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to BlueLineBacker in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    Allbo is hands down one of the best script and plugin creators for LSPDFR. When I go on duty I get notifications for like 3-4 of his plugins I'm using, they add so much to the LSPDFR experience!. 
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    KnightHawkOne got a reaction from OfficerVeX in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    Yeah, well make your backups and the 0.4 update is for sure to delayed my mods just broke.
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to frostyworks in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    Am I the only one who doesn't stop checking Sam's profile to see if he is doing something to upload? 😄
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to wolby2010 in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    I didn't play LSPDFR for a whole year thinking it would have been released earlier so I'm beyond ready to play with all the features 0.4 has to offer.
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    So, it's been a while since we've provided an update on LSPDFR 0.4.  As you might've guessed from the title, though, there's a good reason for this...  It has taken us a lot of work to get to this point, and in the last couple of months alone we've made hundreds and hundreds of changes.  Anyway, here we are - who knows how many months late - but we're here.  No riddles, no treasure hunts, no @MSA (at least I'm pretty sure they're not here), but straight to the point!  We can now confirm that we'll be releasing LSPDFR 0.4 in February, 2019.  
    Anyway... with the scary part out of the way, I wanted to take the opportunity to explain ourselves a little.  No, @LMS wasn't renditioned to an IAA black site, no I didn't fall victim to the Orbital Cannon, and no...  the ghost of @ineseri didn't drive a train into us.  Perfectly plausible scenarios given our silence about 0.4 as of late, but we're actually still alive.  Instead, we've been pretty busy rushing to the finish line as far as 0.4 is concerned, and to complement the big news above, we thought we'd throw in a couple of sweeteners below to show just how much 0.4 is going to change things. 
    We've talked a lot about our Character system in LSPDFR 0.4.  It's one of the biggest changes to the mod, but we also think it represents an entirely new direction in general.  I say this because, not only does it allow us to have a bunch of really cool stuff natively integrated into the mod, like customizing a character, but it also lets us have a bunch of other really cool stuff natively integrated into the mod!  Having your own character dials up the immersion quite substantially, but we wanted to take things to another level.  We thought, for example, wouldn't it be cool if instead of spawning as Franklin in Franklin's house, you could instead, say, I don't know?  Actually spawn as your own character, in their house.  Or maybe, instead of switching to Trevor and your camera panning down to him being pursued by the LSPD, you could switch to one of your other characters, and "Google Earth" down to them being the LSPD. 
    LSPDFR 0.4 introduces a fully functional GTA Online Apartment to single-player, complete with transition sequences, working interactions and more Steve Haines than you can handle.
    It's not just that, though, we really wanted to dial it up.  Having your own character, them having an apartment, switching, customizing, it's all cool, right?  But you might be thinking, what's the point?  These are "multiplayer features".  And sure, LSPDFR is and most likely always will be a single-player mod, but that doesn't mean we can't think outside of the box every once in a while. 
    Recently, @Cyan, in addition to all of her work on the website, has also been developing an all new framework called LSPDFR Sync.  LSPDFR Sync lets you connect up to your LSPDFR.com account in-game, and you can then synchronize your LSPDFR characters with your LSPDFR.com profile.  To top it off, we've brought back statistics too.  Ever wanted to know how many shots your character has fired?  It's as simple as taking a look at your character's profile on the site - which, we should add, you can actually edit.


    LSPDFR Sync provides all-new, seamless connectivity with your LSPDFR.com profile.
    And frankly, it doesn't even end there.  When I said before that we wanted to dial the immersion up to the max, I guess I lied.  What I actually meant to say was that we'd just ripped the dial clean off the controls, strapped it to a rocket, and sent the damn thing up to the moon.  Not only can you now create a character, customize them, share them, spawn as them...  You can actually do things as them too!  Like, actual game things.  Ever wanted to run the triathalon as your LSPDFR Character?  Now you can.  Or, how about practicing with your sidearm down at the range?  Yep, got that too.  Simply want a can of sprunk from a vending machine?  No problem.

    With the introduction of a new innovative system by @LMS, it's now possible to do many of the single-player minigames while playing as your LSPDFR Character.
    Of course, with the Character system, and all of the features that come with it, being such a huge part of LSPDFR 0.4 it'd be easy to forget that this is a police mod.  Indeed, I think we almost did given the grotesquely gargantuan amount of work that has gone into it.  Fear not, though, as we have also been working on some incredible new gameplay features too, including massive improvements to interaction with suspects and people that you arrest.
    LSPDFR 0.4 introduces, in a game-changing way, the ability to take hold of and drag arrested suspects.  Yes, we know that there's some great API mods which have held the fort, and we're grateful for that, but this is something we wanted to get absolutely right, and indeed, we think the result is simply stunning.  The possibilities are pretty far-reaching too and encompass just about everything from shoving suspects up against cruisers, to personally escorting them into their cells.  


    No, these aren't cutscenes.  No, they're not edited screenshots.  With 0.4, this is real.
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    It currently runs within LSPDFR, so you can choose whether to play as the Coast Guard, Police, Sheriff, or whatever you want. You can also enable/disable the actual callouts as you wish, and still have access to all the other features of the mod, so if you want to e.g. have the helicopter hoist for something else, you can still use that without getting any of the actual callouts. 
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    I'll admit, this has taken a lot longer than I anticipated. But, it's not like I haven't been doing anything this whole time. I could make all kinds of comparisons about timelines, release dates, etc., but you of all people should know what it feels like to want to get something right, to want it to be complete before releasing it, and how a hobby project can often take a lot longer than you think to get it where you want. The other big factor is that with a public release comes the pressure to support a nearly infinite number of users. With a semi-private beta, there is a more limited and manageable number of people to support, and the expectations are lower. One of the final things I'm currently working on before public release is an installer. This isn't just installing a couple DLLs, and the game archives that must be modified are too complex to install with a simple OIV. As anyone who has participated in the beta knows, the installation process isn't exactly easy right now, and I don't want to release something in that state. 
    The scale of this mod is also immense. It's a huge plugin mod, with a lot of novel development and features that push the boundaries of what's possible in this game. A bunch of LSPDFR features don't work smoothly on boats (not your fault, LSPDFR wasn't intended to be a boat mod) so I've had to essentially re-implement them myself. It's also a massive DLC, with many vehicles that took time to customize, multiple highly detailed map mods, new buildings added to the game, custom peds, custom props, ambient world scenarios, and more. Essentially every single possible aspect of GTA modding is included in this mod in some way or another. It's not like I've just been sitting around for 2 years taking people's money for something that hasn't been worked on, this has been in active, near-daily development. 
    I'm sorry if it came across like I was saying "waiting for LSPDFR 0.4 is why it took so long to make coastal callouts". That's not what I meant at all. I'm simply pointing out that a new version of LSPDFR will almost certainly break some things, and that it will take a bit of time to update for that. It's not anybody's fault, that's just how things go when there's a new major version of a dependency for a project. I called it "unfortunate" because this mod is already so close to the finish line, and I feel bad that it's going to take a bit longer now. I could release a public version compatible with LSPDFR 0.3.1 first, as that is nearly finished, but I'm not sure if that's really helpful. 
    And slight correction, I don't charge people on a monthly basis. People have the option to donate on a monthly basis if they want to support what I'm doing voluntarily, which some people do out of generosity. I only ask for a donation of $20 for a year for beta access to all mods I'm working on (not just this one). I understand not everyone agrees with the premise of donor-only early access, but this isn't some massive cash grab. I've also always welcomed developers who want to use my APIs to participate in betas for free. I also set those perk levels before this mod had any wide recognition, and have never increased them despite a lot of interest in the mod. 
    If you don't like having this here, let me know. I can find elsewhere to post updates, and eventually release the mod, if it's disruptive to the community for me to use this space. 
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to Ezra in GTA 5 patch problem   
    This topic has been closed because you are asking for support regarding pirated software. We are unable to provide support to pirates, or people using cracks. 

    If you feel this topic has been closed in error, please report this post.
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to PNWParksFan in Most problematic issues with LSPDFR 0.3.1 API that ought to be fixed in 0.4   
    I'm aware of Sam's post regarding plans for an API update after the main release of 0.4, and look forward to more discussion of that in the near future. In the meantime, with release fast-approaching, there are a handful of major issues that have caused headaches for many developers using the LSPDFR 0.3.1 API which I am really hoping will be fixed in 0.4: 
    During pursuits, Cop and Suspect Ped tasks are reset every 2 seconds. Functions.SetCopAsBusy doesn't consistently prevent this from happening. This makes it nearly impossible to alter how suspects and cops behave in pursuits, e.g. if you want to make a suspect jack a new vehicle (their enter vehicle task will get terminated before they're even in it), or have a cop do something in particular. SetPursuitDisableAI turns off all AI for the entire pursuit, there needs to be a way to disable AI on individual peds (cop or suspect). 
      Whenever LSPDFR is running, regardless of whether a pursuit is active, all law enforcement peds in the game (even add-on peds) can't change their secondary accessory/vest clothing component, because of LSPDFR's holster management. This makes it entirely impossible to give plugin-spawned peds specific vest clothing. 
      SetPedAsArrested doesn't actually seem to do anything, leading to a bunch of mods doing their own "arrested" implementation involving animations and trying to clear tasks, which sometimes conflict. 
      If pursuit suspects get far from the player, the pursuit goes inactive and if they're very far away terminates. This makes sense in default "bunch of cops chasing a car on a road" situation, but doesn't make sense in a lot of other scenarios. Constantly looping SetPursuitIsActiveForPlayer is super glitchy and doesn't really work anyways.   
    Obviously there are many more things devs would like to see in the API once we get a sense for what new features LSPDFR will have to offer, these are just a few of the biggest issues IMO that have really hindered plugin development over the past couple years. 
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    Probably. Coastal Callouts does some very complex integration with LSPDFR that will almost certainly break when the new version comes out. Unfortunately, the LSPDFR developers have refused to give plugin developers any kind of beta access, so I'll be getting it at the exact same time as everyone else. The unfortunate reality of this is that the timing of the LSPDFR 0.4 release will delay the public release of Coastal Callouts, but I don't yet know to what extent. 
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    Everything in the Coastal Callouts DLC is non-ELS, and will stay that way. The boats have very simple lighting, and I don't see any point in using ELS for 2 flashing blue strobes. There's only 1 land vehicle and I'm not planning to change it, but you're welcome to put your own ELS vehicle in that slot if you want to. 
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to STEVETHEGAMER in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    Thank you so much for the updates
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    We'll provide documentation for the core stuff, but I honestly don't think we'll be able to come up with a complete changelog. 
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to Ezra in Fort Lauderdale PD 4x4 jeep   
    WE NEED THIS!  Skip to 1:08
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to Sentinel55 in Sentinel's Showroom   
    Sure! Things are complicated right now,  but I'll get back into the whole modding stuff soon.
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to YoshePlays in I have found the ELS siren strings! 100% WORKING!   
    For example, this is for my ems related vehicles:

    and for my fire related vehicles:

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    KnightHawkOne reacted to ReKraM in [CHARACTER][WIP] Enhanced Equipment   
    I would like to address something clearly:
    Unfortunately I am not getting enough time to spend in modding, so as stated plenty of times, progress will be made slowly. I don't have any intention to rush the development since I want to achieve something of quality and correctly adapted to the game. 
    Here is a list of pending tasks:
    - Meshes mapping and texturing unification.
    - New radio cord and commander models supporting different positions.
    - New taser model.
    - New ASP baton + pouch model.
    - New flashlight + pouch model.
    - New pepper spray + pouch model (Not confirmed).
    - New head models (Taken from Rockstar game models).
    - New uppr traffic vest model.
    - New uppr jacket model (Not confirmed)
    - Textures templates (Available on release).
    (Tasks are subject to modifications)
    Latest renders:



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    KnightHawkOne reacted to Ezra in Script Hook V   
    Alexander Blade isn't on any forms of social media to my knowledge, so it's just a waiting game.  As Bastion stated, you can revert your game if you backed it up previously.  However, if you didn't back it up prior to the update, your only option is to wait.
    Do note that ScriptHookV is not a requirement for Rage and LSPDFR to work.
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP, REL] Better EMS   
    "Medical Examiner" is not part of Better EMS. 
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to Stealth22 in Stealth - Jumping on Albo's Open Source Train...   
    Due to a lack of time and inclination on my part, I have decided to make all of my LSPDFR projects open source under the GPL, effective immediately. Most of them probably don't work that well anymore, and I simply don't have the time to develop or maintain them any longer.
    This will also serve as my defacto "retirement" from LSPDFR development. I may decide to pick things up again in the future, who knows. But for now, this is my way of giving back to the community, and possibly inspiring or helping other people who are trying to learn software development.
    The code is old, and was written when I was still new to LSPDFR/GTA programming. It could probably use some refactoring, but again, I have no time to do any of that. Feel free to submit a pull request with any suggested improvements, and I will look at the PR's as time allows.
    If there is enough activity on trying to move the project forward, I can explore doing releases in the future, and crediting any contributors. Feel free to use this repo as a resource to learn from and improve your programming skills.
    This goes without saying, but this code is provided with no warranty, and I accept no liability for anything. 😛
    Lastly, I would just like to say...there are a lot of people to thank for my time in the LSPDFR community, and I apologize if I miss any names, but you all know who you are.
    - @Sam @LMS @Cyan @MulleDK19 You guys laid the foundation for all GTA and RPH development, and for that, the community owes you a debt of gratitude!
    - @Jeff Favignano @FinKone You two are the ones who got me interested in GTA development to begin with! (Yes Jeff, I blame you for the countless hours I've spent debugging my code! 😛)
    - @Jeff Favignano @Polecat324 @Bayareabuggs @Zachary Houseknecht Thanks for all the inspiration, and for all the times you guys graciously tested my plugins for me!
    - @Albo1125 What can I say about Albo? NOTHING! Just kidding, Albo...you came to me when you first started learning the ropes, and you grew into a fantastic dev (*sniff* They grow up so fast...)
    - @PNWParksFan You know why...keeps giving me work to do on my code... *grumble*  #InsideJoke
    - @LukeD @alexguirre @Fiskey111 @PNWParksFan For the countless times you bailed me out of difficult coding situations (and Luke, for showing me that C# is better than VB!)
    - @khorio All of the explosions and other shenanigans you pulled for our countless entertainment
    - @PeterU For all the work you did in trying to help me maintain my plugins!
    - @ToastinYou Eh, you didn't do anything. I just wanted to find a reason to give you a shout-out. *snicker*
    Thanks all, and enjoy the code! Or what's left of the working parts of it...?
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to Ezra in ELS Changing Siren Makes Suspect Car Go Straight   
    Go into the ELS INI and look for "TrafCTRLOn", change to false.
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to Ezra in Traffic Stops won't work   
    That's a result from ELS.  Open the ELS INI, find "ELSTrafCTRL", and set to false.
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    Gee that sounds a lot like the new Fireworks Show callout I made for 4th of July 😉
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    KnightHawkOne reacted to HP Deskjet in Unknown's Bakery ---   
    Finished converting this FPIU as of a few days ago and threw the lighting some K-9 lighting on it as well as added a K-9 interior.

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