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  1. Donc, votre fichier journal ne spécifie pas un crash. Essayez de renommer votre dossier «mods» en «_mods» pour voir si le problème réside dans un fichier modifié. S'il ne se bloque plus lorsque vous renommez le dossier, vous rencontrez un problème avec un fichier modifié. Si ça plante encore, faites le moi savoir.
  2. There is no indication of a crash in your logfile. What I want you to do it rename your “mods” folder to “_mods” with no quotations. If your game doesn’t crash, the problem lies within an altered file.
  3. HappyJoker


    I’m not quite sure anyone understands what you’re asking. I’ll go out on a limb here and say you haven’t completed the first mission... To play LSPDFR, you need to complete the first base mission of GTA V. Once you complete it, you are able to access freeplay and begin playing LSPDFR. EDIT: After rereading multiple times, I realized you might be talking about the callouts, or “missions.” Could you please attach your RagePluginHook.log file in a spoiler?
  4. Pourriez-vous s'il vous plaît joindre votre fichier RagePluginHook.log?
  5. If it crashes on 1604, I don’t see why you wouldn’t downgrade again. Just downgrade and use ScriptHookV on that version until a new one is released.
  6. If you downgraded you should be able to just use ScriptHook and it should work properly.
  7. Glad to hear I helped someone out today lol. Be safe out there
  8. Well that’s a let down. All I can tell you guys go do is revert back to the previous version with your RPH backup.
  9. Try this out: https://github.com/fr-Pursuit/AsiSupport/releases/tag/0.2.0 Copy AsiSupport.dll to your plugins folder, when you get in game, open the RPH console and type: LoadPlugin “AsiSupport.dll” This should help you run ELS until a scripthook patch is released.
  10. Well there is no indication of a crash in your log file. So as the previous person said, name your ‘mods’ folder to ‘_mods’ with no quotations. Launch the game and see if you have a crash still. If not, the crash is being caused by a file you have altered.
  11. Does anyone know if there is a callout pack out or that is under development including medical calls? Not as a paramedic, but now that Stop the Ped Menu has integrated CPR, I think it would be fun to get dispatched to say a Man Down from Unknown Causes. EMS would already be rolling but you would get there before them and would have to check for a pulse, respiration rate, etc. If there's no pulse, begin CPR and maybe integrated into the pack would be the ability to carry an AED/Defibrillator in your vehicle. If they are responsive, figure out what happened, gather all needed information and stay with them until EMS arrives. I feel like this would add even more realism and insight into what kind of calls officers get dispatched to IRL. Thanks in advance for any references
    I love the models first of all, as well as the FedSig Valor. And that Caprice. Holy guacamole man. A beaut. Just a few problems: The Caprice VCF isn't included with the download, I had to copy a VCF from another vehicle and tweak some things. If you look at the '15 Charger from certain angles, a black curtain engulfs the screen and you cannot see anything. If you can fix those things, I'll bring it up to a five star rating--the pack would be perfect. EDIT: Fixed all vehicles, pack is virtually flawless. Nice work.
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