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  1. I log in for the first time in over a year and @MooseYTY is leaving! see you all next year!
  2. AussieGamer1

    Australian Police Tape

    @Blobby Hey Mate, Where did you get what Police skin? :)
  3. AussieGamer1

    Australian Police Callouts

    Congrats on getting this released! been keen to see something like this to come out for a while now! its a great call out pack, everything runs well and as described!! excited to see this callout pack grow and develop over time :) Keep up the good work
  4. AussieGamer1

    US Army Helicopter pilot

    Very nice job on this. Would be great to see a change to the actual person. sick of seeing that old grump. But overall great job
  5. Is this update working with RPH 52? Its not working for me
    Finally. Great skin!! Very accurate and polished.
  6. AussieGamer1

    [WIP/REL] LPCallouts

    I am also getting this exact same issue was about to post and upload my logs but saw its already been brought up.
  7. AussieGamer1

    Announcing my Resignation

    sorry to hear you go. good luck for the future.
  8. Where did you get all the ACT skins?! and this one ?!
  9. not unless some grass reports us @SkillfulCorpse you snitch
  10. yeah that happened to me it doesnt mean you cant upload it, it just means it will be uploading at like 30kb/s just bite the bullet
  11. AussieGamer1

    NSW Fire & Rescue Pumper 1.0.0

  12. @Bulldog Designs yo so now that ELS is out will you be releasing your fire truck? or sprinter? if not what projects can we expect.?! not trying to be critical or anything just general curious and keen to see some models.
  13. gross divi van!!! btw look who's back! this guuuyyyy