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  1. 1989 VL Commodore Pulled over for 'Vehicle too low' Defect notice issued also for illegal fitment of rollcage (not signed off by a qualified engineer)
  2. That can be arranged :P
  3. Not just yet, but will be soon :) Code3 RX2700 Code3 Defender
  4. For Moose's ELS Sprinter.
  5. once I remod my game ill be sharing some aussie content again. GTA Updates suck :(
  6. ConsKrypt

    Mad Max XBGT Falcon MFP build.

    These are in blender so they do not represent that of what it should look like actually in game. Beacons Off Textures: Beacons On Textures: At current the beacons colours are mapped incorrectly due to my own stupidity of mirroring the UV on accident, I will fix this up within the texture rather then remapping them
  7. ConsKrypt

    Mad Max XBGT Falcon MFP build.

    So I have decided to remodel the entire setup for the MFP Pursuit Interceptor, this is what I have got so far (roof spoiler, roof racks and beacons are done but yet to be textured.) Much higher poly then the first attempt as it was simply the minimal amount of polys, smoothing issues were apparent due to this.