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  1. PantherP71

    Something is coming

  2. PantherP71

    Arizona Police Agencies

  3. PantherP71

    [2K][4K] Blaine County Sheriff Texture Pack 2.0.0

    Looks great man! Love YCSO!
  4. PantherP71

    ELS is not working anymore

    I’m having the same exact issue, and I’ve tried re installing ELS and scripthook. No idea what’s up
  5. PantherP71

    [DEV] 2016 Chevrolet Impala Limited Police Vehicle

    Hey i love this car, but for whatever reason it crashes my game sometimes, any ideas as to why?
  6. Yep, that's perfect placement hadn't seen that yet lol
  7. It looks like your spotlight is a little low, it should be the same place as on the Tahoe, above the mirror, other than that these look fantastic and I cannot wait for them! *attached is a picture I just took off my rig, with proper placement of spotlight*
  8. PantherP71

    Las Vegas Police Utility Pack

    Is there a way to disable the headlight flash on the vehicles in the carcols?
  9. PantherP71

    Orange county Police pack for Bxbuggs123's CVPI

    It should be the same template so it should work just fine
  10. PantherP71

    [ELS] Alameda County Sheriff's Office CVPI

    Just fyi your spotlights are too high on the a pillar
  11. PantherP71

    [ELS] Unmarked 16 Charger

    Lol why do you have three different siren controllers in the console? Looks good but why tho hahaha
  12. PantherP71

    Border Patrol Skin for 2017 F-150 Raptor

    Hey bro looks good but the stripe is facing the wrong way
  13. PantherP71

    Twisted's Showroom

    Looks awesome! I love the antenna array