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  1. West Coast Wookie

    [4K] Los Santos/Blaine County Sheriff MEGA Pack

    Not a bad pack, although a bit of constructive criticism, maybe put a stroke on the sheriff text to really make it pop. (stroke is an outline on the letters)
  2. West Coast Wookie

    Husky's Modification Showcase

    It'd be a bit of an under taking but it be cool to see a San Diego sheriff based pack for V, as far as components go, it be cool to see this light bar made into the game:
  3. West Coast Wookie

    Husky's Modification Showcase

    Cool stuff! I look forward to seeing more!
  4. West Coast Wookie

    Los Santos Metropolitan Police Department Pack

    Absolutely splendid pack, 10/10 would download again
  5. West Coast Wookie

    In need of vehicles to be made

  6. Overall your work is very good for a beginner! Back when I used to make textures I would use Photoshop and paint.net, I would recommend both these programs to you. I hope to see you stick with texturing, and can't wait to see you reach your full potential!
  7. West Coast Wookie

    EUP Replacement Belt & Holsters V1.0

    awesome job, @Alex_Ashfold get this guy on the EUP team!
  8. West Coast Wookie

    EUP Replacement Belt & Holsters V1.0

    I have the same issue
  9. West Coast Wookie


    Yeah unlikely to be the meta files, judging on the fact that deleting the skins reduces crashing most likely makes this an issue with the vehicle files themselves, my best bet would be the size of the .YTD file (texture file). I say this because I have experienced other vehicles that have had similar issues that had a heavily memory reliant .YTD file. The simplest way to fix the issue would be to scale down the resolution of the textures to reduce the file size and make it less memory intensive.
  10. West Coast Wookie


    @Bxbugs123 Hey bugs, first welcome back to the modding scene and great model! I have unfortunately been a victim of this crashing my game. After toying around with different potential fixes I have come to the conclusion that the reason people are experiencing crashes is because the model is using a lot of memory. I've realized this because it is a guaranteed crash if you have the model spawned and ForceDuty on LSPDFR which causes and increased use in memory. One thing I have found that significantly helps reduce the crash rate is by deleting all but one of the liveries. By doing this it is reducing the amount of memory required to use the file. So in closing I believe the problem lies in the file size. Maybe try crunching the polys even smaller if possible and lowering the resolution of the textures to fix it? anyway great model and I am glad to see you're back on the modding scene.
  11. West Coast Wookie


    I figured out a fix, just install this game config: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars (note that I am on game version 1493) EDIT: Not a complete fix, however with that config installed it is significantly more stable.
  12. West Coast Wookie


    Has anyone been able to fix the 3 min crash bug? tried a clean install of gta but it still crashes.
  13. West Coast Wookie

    Count To A Million Before 2020

  14. West Coast Wookie

    Emergency Uniforms Pack - Support

    Is EUP no longer compatible with the latest Rage plugin hook update because its saying I don't have the law enforcement pack installed and I've reinstalled multiple times and it still won't work.
  15. West Coast Wookie

    (4K) Blaine County Sheriff's Office MEGA Pack

    could you please include links for the vehicles used, the pack looks awesome!