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    It's a fun pack, but I'd like to see some more player freedom and different outcomes. For example: When I decide to let the van from the "Attempted Heist Callout" go with a warning, due to a lack of evidence to detain them, it doesn't let me end the callout and keeps the blip and line on the map, like I have to arrest them every single time, with no room for RP'ing something different. Maybe you could do something about that?
  1. @OJdoesIt Responding to your comment on my review; I have the following plugins installed:
    The first low-rating review in here, and I will tell you why. First, it only includes one callout. That shouldn't be a problem, as long as it is an enjoyable one. But it is not. I can't perform an investigation or even asking for someone's driving license, without getting run down by other, seemingly impatient, drivers who are crashing into the back of the vehicle I'm questioning. I keep getting runned down, vehicles getting hit, and the cones flying around, making the scene a complete mess. You really need to improve the behavior of the AI.
  2. ErikB26

    Los Santos County Sheriff's Office Pack

    I'm writing this review after having used one of the vehicles, the 2015 Tahoe. The vehicle is nice. Looks good, feels good, is good. I do have one big point of criticism, being the brightness of the lights. Yes, I'm using Radiance V, but the lights still just look like moving textures. At daylight, they don't shine at all.
    Damn! Such a nice vehicle! Pro's: - Very good lighting - Model looks amazing - LOD's Cons: - Handling is not the greatest
  3. ErikB26

    Emergency Lighting System

    To be honest, I'm not that enthusiastic about this mod. It's fun to change the light pattern, but that's it. With all the new vehicles being released you are almost forced to use this mod, but it's crap. Okay, not completely, but it has some annoying bugs that ruins the gameplay. First, AI only has the priority siren. It's hella annoying. Please change that. Second, if you blip or change your siren behind a suspects vehicle, it just speeds off in a straight line until it crashes into something. I know you can fix this by disabling something in the INI, but please, why do WE have to fix that and not YOU? This mod is fun to use, it is, but there are some bugs which are known for a very long time, but just not being fixed. Fix it.
    It's a nice vehicle, but since you have only done the ELS file, I'll only review the lights of the model. You could have done more to the vehcile lights. For example, the first time I press "J", nothing happens. No lights. Second time, only the two LED's in the front. Third time, all lights. You could have done: 1. Two led's in front, 2. The two red and blue wigwags in the lightbar, 3. All the lights. Especially an option with only the wigwags would I love to see. It would also be nice to be able to use the white front lights in the lightbar, for example when you're driving with high beam lights. But, since that's not ELS related, I'm not gonna judge you on that. But maybe you can pass that to Lundy.
  4. ErikB26

    Emergency Lighting System

    Ok... This is weird... Yesterday, I was able to use ELS in-game, but suddenly, today I tried to play again, and ELS suddenly doesn't work! In the logs it sais it has reconized the ELS vehicles, so ELS is active, but I can't get the control panel to pop-up anymore, and the J, K, L etc. keys also don't work anymore. And have nothing changed in my game folders.
  5. ErikB26

    Emergency Lighting System

    Btw, I also have a question: Using Bxbugs123 ELS cvpi: I can change my light patterns when my siren is off, but as soon as I turn my siren on, it goes back to the default pattern. When I turn my siren off, it goes back to my E-025 pattern. Don't know if this is a general ELS thing, or it's just with Bxbugs car, but maybe someone knows what to do?
  6. ErikB26

    Emergency Lighting System

    I'm experiencing the same problem as the people above me; fleeing suspects go crazy. Here is an example video, showing what happens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5WMtTvuVBo&feature=youtu.be&t=23m35s
  7. ErikB26

    LSPD Police Interceptor Skin Pack #1

    Love the skins! But, can you please explain to me, in wich area in the US are these vehicles used? And for what are they used? Is it used by a special department, or just for regual patrols?
  8. It's just a normal folder you can open by dubble clicking on it
  9. ErikB26

    On Patrol

    Me on patrols...
  10. ErikB26

    The New Sandy Shores [Map]

    @Hannibal88 1. Download the map editor here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor 2. Install the latest ScriptHookVDotNet (install instruction provided for that in the download of it) 3. Make a folder called "scripts" in your gta directory and place all contents from the map editor in there 4. Make a folder inside the "scripts" folder called: "maps" and place the XML in there. (you can also make a map called "autoloadmaps"or something like that , but instructions for that are probably inside the map editor readme, or on the map editor download page) 5. In-Game, hit F7 -> Load map -> File chooser -> and navigate to the XML file and hit enter to load it. That's it. That is how it should be. Doesn't work? Make sure you've read all readme's carefully!