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  1. If you have steam, go to file - go offline. It will reboot steam in offline mode. Then go and open through rage and it'll log into the annoying social club in offline mode and you'll be able to play (for now)
  2. Not sure where the conflict is but anytime I do a car stop and end up wanting to arrest the subject it becomes impossible. I'll order the subject out of the car and then I'll have no option to arrest or detain or anything. No prompts at all. Can't even hold down the button either. I only have albo lspdfr+, arrest manager, smart radio, and traffic policer for additional modifications. I also use a controller to play primarily. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. With the exception of the awesome trailers candice made theres really no good trailers. Looking to incorporate like a technical rescue or hazmat similar to LA county fires hazmat rig
  4. It would be so awesome to see some surplus HMMWV's and MRAP's with some ELS lighting. Many depts have gotten military surplus vehicles for various uses.
  5. are the collisions going to be updated soon?
  6. My rear windows are gray....any ideas what could've gotten messed up with my install of the vehicle?
  7. Is there any lspd lore friendly skins? Been searching around with no luck
  8. Surprisingly there is only one pack that has any vehicles with risers on them and even then the pack has been taken down. Risers on highway vehicles are awesome. The nypd pack that had a few units with risers used the hood and trunk open/close as the way to raise and lower the risers.
  9. I've seen them around NYC before lol. Most people don't know they even exist.
  10. are you going to make fdny style textures for the entire pack? bc that would be awesome
  11. Which files in the .ytd though....found the one to change the green to blue but that's it
  12. is it possible to make the lights red/blue instead of amber/green so we could use it as a PD barrier truck? I tried on my own but now its blue/amber/white lol
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