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    An other very good script my friend ;) (i send y ou à pv and a mail :) )
  1. 55charlie

    R1150RT project

    finish comming soon
  2. 55charlie

    R1150RT project

    For dev it's possible to have the model in some times. But for the model above, the dev is make by Sub68, so it's more him who can answer to the question. For the template in some times too. You know why i havent tell you the evolution on the bike Sub, so the holes are all closed, the emerg lights are finished like the reals light on this model. And antenna is place on the rear top case. The rear lights are now with a arm in "extra". And several textures are remade too. There is 2 version, an Europe version with blue light, and US version with red and blue light The blue spot are present on the 1200RT not on the 1150rt . And we can see that it's a 1200 with the break light shape. For the break light there is 2 reasons for it. The first it's that i've received an mail from BMW Mottorad France in order to stop the creation of the model, i dont know where they can found it but, ive decide to continue the work and change some details of the bike with the agreements of the french company. The size of the break light is one of this details. But in shop we can find other model of this lights for example more big (like my model), the turnlight are white and no orange, etc. So there is no real mistakes.There is no several type of theses lights for police services; The only things could be change it's the siren lights. And for finish, i work now on the LOD and on an other model of a bike (R 1200RT).
  3. 55charlie

    R1150RT project

    BMW has a lot of problems too ;) like the Yam. The new models are not like the older, a lot of electronic break the bike. And it's not a problem of the label.
  4. I would like to have this version of the LTD ahah. With the flashlight to the each side of the lightbar and this beautiful interior. How have you add the "shift" key for the LTD on addon in order to arrest the cars please ? Thank you
  5. the lightbar is almost finish. After modeling the different part of this one, @sub68 place textures on it and the test in game will comesoon . A lot of object of the real model is represent on the lightbar in order to have a this famous lightbar in our game like the real one. Electronics parts Texture on the model
  6. 55charlie

    R1150RT project

    I think the price of this vehicle will be expensive ah ah
  7. 55charlie

    R1150RT project

    Very Good job @sub68 you 're the best !!!!
  8. 55charlie

    R1150RT project

    For the sound i agree with you but i don't know how we do the sounds for the game so, someone will create it or it will be a BMW with a hole in her exhaust pipe ^^ You speak about the siren light ? for the moment no sirens are present, it's just the object. When the model will work on the game, i will add the siren. The 2 sirens are blue because i use the French model during the creation, and i haven't change it.
  9. 55charlie

    R1150RT project

    Text of the LSPD texture on ZM3 @sub68 i can send you the files tomorrow if you want to see the project. i just need to finish the cleaning before sending.
  10. @sub68 on your clip, during day, the red light on the right seems shine, a little.
  11. @sub68 for the light problem between night and day, it's not the siren glass with hide the light during the day ? And If you have take the value of the police transporter light bar I've seen that in the game the lights of the light bar on the police transporter don't shine a lot.
  12. For the light bars, may be more higher ? on the different picturs she is "flat". You see what i try to describe ?
  13. beautiful model. and as always, great job !. just i dont like the wheels for a police cruiser :s Why have you use this lightbar ?
  14. 55charlie

    R1150RT project

    All textures are on the model. Now, build this model for the game @sub68 ? you are avaible ? ^^