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  1. Yeahhh! Looking forward to this. If I should suggest something I will ask to add the ability to modify the list of vehicles you can choose between when going on duty.
  2. Mercuri

    Speed / Radar Gun

    Thanks for your work ok this, also if you need to test it before release we can help you
  3. Mercuri

    Speed / Radar Gun

    Well, Albo just released a speed gun script in his traffic policer plugin
  4. Yeah, radio now showing up also for me, it makes the sounds when pressing the keys and you can select the options but the radio image is not visible
  5. Mercuri

    I can't enter Central Station

    Any solution please?
  6. I just installed the mod because I reintalled windows, so its a clean copy of the game. I have the last RAGE and ScriptHook versions. The game loads propperly, I can go on duty on the other stations or using ForceDuty from command line on RAGE , but I can't enter the restricted area of Central Station to go on duty or bring prisoners to jail by my self. Doors are closed and it brings me 2 police starts.
  7. Mercuri

    2010 CVPI - Unmarked

    I can't remove the windows tint, tryed editing the vehicles.meta
  8. But can't I just remove the plugins and keep the modded files? I like RDE, the only things I don't want are SixStars and the other plugins (Just because they doesnt seem to be compatible)
  9. I mean that my lspdfr crash cause of the RDE plugins, I want to remove them and only have lspdfr because is the mod I use to play more
  10. Hi guys, how can I disable the plugins from RDE?
  11. The last one i think, is the steam version so its updated
  12. Hi guys, I installed the last version of RDE and now the game doesnt load. Since I have not being playing for 2 months I created a new clean mods folders that is where I installed the RDE, I included the following parts in the builder: BC Sheriffs, Emergency!, Balanced No Army Preset, World of Variety, Khaki Noose.
  13. Hope to see more highway patrol action in future updates, but also motor units for sheriffs as well as port police has
  14. Mercuri

    Thehurk's WIP Thread

    that crown vic looks amazing