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    kcoynejr reacted to ovilexfan in Rage plugin Hook & GTA 5 crash on startup   
    I tried to launch GTA to play LSPDFR through Rage and after it says "loading and populating gameworld" I get a crash on rage and GTA 5. Tried running it on administrator mode, still the same thing. Below is my log and in the link is my crash files. The only thing I was doing was installing ELS vehicles, and I did those correctly. I did a clean reinstall of Rage, and it still crashes. Do I need to do a clean reinstall of GTA? Please help me.
    Crash Files RagePluginHook.log RagePluginHook_06092018_164349.log
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    kcoynejr got a reaction from SeaHawk14 in Lundy's sick ass gta v mods   
    Did you ever release that tahoe from page 1? Or maybe an old burb
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    kcoynejr reacted to Slendis in Project CHP WIP   
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    kcoynejr reacted to Captain A.Brandon in Captain A.Brandon's WIP & Showroom   
    Tahoe 06 Completed

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    kcoynejr reacted to Lundy in Lundy's sick ass gta v mods   
    Okay, I've been busy for too long and haven't released shit.
    Scripthook just got updated so I'm testing this as we speak.
    1990 Chevrolet Caprice 9C1. It's just a generic unmarked car I thought up. ELS enabled, all that good shit.

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    kcoynejr reacted to t0y in t0y's WIPs and Showroom   
    Been working on this for a few hours today/last night, dont know where im going with it. I have permission to releasing on HSG, but not here yet so still asking:(
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    kcoynejr reacted to Lundy in Lundy's sick ass gta v mods   
    90% done. Need to make the instrument cluster and uhhhhh... door siding.
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    kcoynejr reacted to Thehurk in Thehurk's WIP Thread   
    Progress with the expedition:

    Probably both.
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    kcoynejr reacted to 0taku in Ford F-350 ESU/Service Truck [W.I.P]   
    So, I've started a new project and this time it it a a Ford F-350 ESU Truck.
    Truck cab is a Modified version of the F-350 from DSF and Gamemodels.ru and the back compartment is far all scratch made by me. Let me know what you guys think so far.
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    kcoynejr reacted to Scuderio in W.I.P. LASD 2013 Ford Expedition   
    Hey Guys!
    Here I will post the progress of a side project of me, the 2013 LASD Ford Expedition.
    Thanks to Him1250 for the base model, without him this whole thing wouldn't be possible, because he gave me the base model.
    Also thanks to Solo for the FedSig Arjent :)
    Feel free to comment here and give tipps. I also appreciate it when you post some pictures of the car in real life so I can improve it better :)
    Current Progress:

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    kcoynejr reacted to Senior Street Judge F.Wolf in LAPD '03 suburban?   
    hey i was wondering could anyone supposedly make this vehicle for gta v for me?



    Its an '03 suburban for the Los Angeles Police Department
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    kcoynejr reacted to TWISTEDSCOPES in Twisted's Showroom   
    NYPD HWY car

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    kcoynejr reacted to Lundy in Lundy's sick ass gta v mods   
    2001 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Package.

    Not this isn't Bugs's model. Model is still being prepped before I test it out in-game. Needs a lot of work still. Interior is HQ, no engine bay as of yet. I'll be working on that.

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    kcoynejr got a reaction from themrlackey in 2004 Ford Mustang Cobra "Terminator" Unmarked/Marked   
    I think it would be cool to do the old CHP foxbody cobra pursuit vehicles. 
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    kcoynejr reacted to Albo1125 in [WIP][REL] Siren Mastery - Fully control your siren tones!   
    Yup, UI is coming soon!
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    kcoynejr reacted to Hxrxld in 2004 Ford Mustang Cobra "Terminator" Unmarked/Marked   

    I'm surprised this bad boy isn't on here yet.. I remember seeing it in a youtube video once:
    And then I realized it was on Forza already...
    I'm not too crazy about the "To Swerve and Protect" stuff on the side, but I think it would look really cool with the plain LSPD logo on it.
    Also, make sure to use the 2004 Mustang Cobra "Terminator" body style, all the other 00-04 Mustang body styles are ugly looking in my opinion...

    Picture of mine at the end of attachments, that's the Cobra bumper.. if you can get the embossed "Cobra" on the bumper, KUDOS!

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    kcoynejr reacted to squamouse in 2003 Chevrolet Suburban   
    Was just wondering if any modders are planning on making a suburban like/similar to this from IV? The older suburbans were my favourite LCPDFR vehicle, cheers

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    kcoynejr reacted to Walters in 2014 Dodge Ram 1500   
    Hello guys!! This is my 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 work in progress, any suggestions or reviews would be greatly appreciated!
    I plan on getting new rims and a Whelen Edge Ultra Freedom!

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    kcoynejr reacted to Thero in Thero's WIP and completed Projects: Vehicle Models, etc.   
    Caprice Scrapped for now
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    kcoynejr reacted to Mitchell in Thero's WIP and completed Projects: Vehicle Models, etc.   
    Here's what it says in the header in this section of the forums.
    " Please do not create threads here unless you are actively working on a new modification that will at least be released on this site, or are ready to release one. "
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    kcoynejr reacted to Thero in Thero's WIP and completed Projects: Vehicle Models, etc.   
    Hi Everyone,
    Someone made a suggestion that I should show some of the work that I've done for some LSPDFR Members and show some of the stuff that I've been working on. This thread will be where I share with you all the stuff I'm working on and/or have completed
    About Me:
    I'm 32 Years Old, I've been making vehicle models since the end of April 2016 and still always learning. I've been playing LSPDFR now for about 2 months after building my new PC. I've been playing LCPDFR however for about 2 or 3 years now. I use to be a vehicle creator for GTA 4 but with my old PC's setup I was very limited on what I could create. I've been a part of a Role play community for LCPDFR. I found out about LCPDFR from watching Bay Area Buggs videos as I came across them one day. Then gradually found my way here and then Jeff's YouTube Channel as well when their was about 6 or 7 of them in Code Zero Gaming.
    ALSO I AM NO TEXTURE CREATOR as in I suck with Paint.net and I am not familiar with photoshop so my paint jobs always tend to be awful lol. It doesn't hurt my feelings when I hear it because I know already.
    I have a twitch channel that I broadcast when I'm usually building a model to help new zmodeler users understand some of the basics.
    I also have my YouTube channel where I upload videos as well:
    I am releasing soon a Fictional pack of ELS vehicles that I created for myself. All of the models featured in the Video are going to be released with the pack. The pack is currently in Beta testing to make sure I didn't overlook anything as it is about 24 to 27 cars total in the pack.

    Created it so I could have fleets with matching lightbars somewhat, vehicles with all the LOD's so I didn't have to worry about disappearing car parts, and also I like to add details to the inside of the vehicle to give you that feeling your actually in one when driving first person.
    Non ELS Pack:
    I have to wait for permission if I want to release some of these vehicles but others are DEV models so I will probably be releasing them as well. All Vehicle models were Template by me (I only retemplate models that are already done because I suck when it comes to photoshop so it helps me to do it this way).Below the video is a list of what each slot the vehicle uses. Many have components that can be removed or kept (Spotlights, Rambars, ALPR Cameras, etc.) Some more work is needed on some of them but overall I'm pretty happy with it. It took about 2 months to build it just right for anyone getting into modding.
    Stanier: 1998 Ford CVPI Retired Police (Can Be Found Already on LSPDFR)
    Tow Truck: GTA 5 Tow Truck Templated (Can Be Found Already in the Template Pack on GTA5mods.com)
    Taxi: 2003 Ford CVPI
    Corner Van: Chevy Express 3500 Van
    FireTruck: GTA 5 Fire Truck Template and skyscraper lights added (Can Be Found Already in the Template Pack on GTA5mods.com)
    Ambulance: Ford E450 Van
    FBI: 2009 Lexus IS350 Unmarked
    FBI2: 2015 Chevy Tahoe Unmarked
    Sheriff: 2011 Ford CVPI with No Hub Cap Covers Marked
    Sheriff2: 2013 Chevy Tahoe Marked
    Police: 2011 Ford CVPI with Hub Cap Covers Marked
    Police2: 2016 Ford Explorer Marked
    Police3: 2013 Ford Taurus Marked
    Police4: 2011 Ford CVPI with Hub Cap Covers Unmarked
    PoliceT: Chevy Express 3500 Van Marked
    Riot: Lenco Bear Cat
    PoliceB: The Hurks BMW CHP Motocycle
    First Car: If you couldn't tell from my profile pic I own a Mitsubishi Evolution. This was my first model so it has some flaws with it. I've learned a lot after this model and plan on remaking it one day with the knowledge I have now. It was real basic of sticking a lightbar on it, converting a rambar, console, and the toughbook computer all over from my saved gta 4 textures to gta 5. It isn't multi-livery as I didn't know how to at the time but with my knowledge now I do plan on recreating it.
    Second Car: Karin Dilettante Marked Unit: I saw a request from another LSPDFR memeber here for a Prius or Dilettante to be a marked police unit for themselves. I decided to try and fulfill the request and further my learning of vehicle modeling by giving it a shot and it turned out pretty good. At least to the point that the requester was very satisfied.
    ELS Version:
    First Template Job: Delta4 posted help on getting the hood and roof fixed on his model. I ended up fixing it but at the request of doing more I was given the model again and had to strip the model down and fix it so it would have the original Audi Wheels, Create a New Template that was for Multiple Liveries, Add the SA Exempt Plates to fit the car properly, and UV Map the template and SA Exempt plates to the car again.
    Fourth Vehicle Model: A Template GTA 5 Vehicle Model "Coach" bus to mimic a LASD Prison transport vehicle. The model is the GTA 5 Coach bus that I strip down and templated, I also added the police car radio to look more accurate along with adding bars on the windows to keep prisoners from escaping. Finally I again map the SA Exempt plates on the bus so it was the correct license plate as well. Also provided the template as again I can't paint models nicely.
    Where I've Helped the Community:
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    kcoynejr reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
    LASD test (just a sketch) 
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    kcoynejr reacted to GlitchGamer in Glitchgamer's (nick's) WIP and model showroom   
    Definitely will if I can get my hands on one. 
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    kcoynejr reacted to SaucyPow3r in Glitchgamer's (nick's) WIP and model showroom   
    How about a 2006 Suburban (marked and unmarked)? 
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