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  1. I use ELS-style lighting with custom visuals + siren mastery. i'm not really bothered about replacing cars etc i'm not really a car person irl though. sometimes i mod my game brit-style so install brit cars etc but not often default cars are fine for me
  2. yeah LSPDFR Comes Alive. There's ambient muggings, car thieves, murders etc. Also I forgot which plugin it is but there's one with ambient lights off, underglow, car that's unworthy for the road etc. traffic policer i think. one of albo's anyway. I even like doing the 'boring' stuff in LSPDFR, the cleanup. It's my favourite part! xD I'm weird. With Wilderness plugin you have a vet and air ambulance option which is great for RPing in the countryside and beach. Sometimes I come across a dead animal, or someone beat to death away from roads. But with that plugin you have to turn all ambient events off or it'll cause crashes. By the way if you haven't already, I'd recommend installing 'Rageuphoria' and 'no reticle' for ultimate immersion, watch the ragdoll physics of these gangstas that went cray cray as i was trying to ticket someone for having headlights off. Totally adds to the enjoyment of the game 100x, for me anyway
  3. 1-lincoln-18 i like to rp 'properly' too. having the right combination of scripts and plugins helps because you don't have to 'artificially' create scenarios then, they happen organically. i forget which one does it but sometimes i get drivers who refuse to give a Breathalyzer test, and STP introduced a cool new feature where there's a % chance that a ped will fight (out of the % of peds that choose to flee), and with LSPDFR Comes Alive there's ambient events going on all around you. I try to be as good as a cop as I can
  4. what a shame and a huge loss to the community. you'll be sadly missed. thanks for everything you've done though. if one was wanting to get into modding for lspdfr what would your advice be where to start?
  5. hi in componentpeds f_freemode could you provide the models for empty asp baton and empty nightstick baton slots so it can be animated with copholster? i found a workaround at the moment it swaps the nightstick for asp belt so it looks empty but if you zoom in you can tell and it's annoying. i can't find an 'empty' nightstick slot model in accs see here:
  6. yeah! i'm learning basics of c# at the moment but hoping in a couple of month or so i'll be able to do callouts, as it's something i've always wanted to do. some foot beat callouts. that's my favourite place to do foot patrols btw on vespucci beach! and also around blocks in vinewood and other shopping areas. with LSPDFR Comes Alive you get ambient muggins and car thieves etc so
  7. yeah more crashes here too. removing and reinstalling the old version with arrest manager for now.
  8. Sometimes I love just parking the car up and going for a stroll around the block or neighbourhood saying hi to passer bys and keeping an eye out for muggers and car thieves. Anyone else? wtf, i posted this in general.. thought i did anyway, sorry mod!
  9. HA! FIGURED IT OUT! MY AUTISM KNOWS NO BOUNDS! since i'm NICE for those of you who want to know, here's the code to put into your xml: clearly there's more than one model of that belt with the nightstick in & out later after a nap i'll go through all the files and jot down the component and item ID of them all and make a little mini-mod for download to save everyone else from getting the same migraine i have now trying to do it i see a couple of models in here for the ASP baton too, in and out. so you can holster/unholster the asp.
  10. right there in the ini under WeaponSets. it animates any models that has two models (1 empty 1 holstered). that's why you can have different weps. anyway i've found the component number (8) and empty/holstered slots (2 & 3) but it's still not working i can't figure out where i'm going wrong. that's it. it should work but it's not
  11. no it's not. it has nightstick animation but i don't know how to find out the component number?? i wondered if anyone else using EUp knows the model number for the nightstick belt with and without holstered. its right there in the ini file and says on the download page but it's driving me crazy i dunno how to find out what to put in the xml its nowhere not in any readmes or anything just "this animates nightsticks" with no info of what to actually bloody put im gonna blow my brains out
  12. hi it says this is compatible with copholster but for the life of me i cannot get nightstick animate to work. i've set animate=true what else do i need to do? i'm just using the EUP LSPD female clothes in law and order.
  13. i can't get the nightstick to work i've set animation = true but ti doesnt work help someone please? why isn't this working omg. the component is 8 (accs), the empty one is 2, the one with the nightstick is 3. everything is right so how come it isn't working this is driving me crazy is there anything missing from above code?????? i followed instructions in readme
  14. It's driving me nuts. I've set animate=true but it doesn't work, I figure I need to put a line somewhere??? The nightstick model is in 'under coat' (36 with, 35 without) but i have no idea how to write this information in the xml?? can somebody help please?
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