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  1. KoalaScars

    New Victorian Police Ped model WIP

    Thanks for the feedback man! Very much needed and appreciated. Been a bit busy lately but I'll add it too the list
  2. KoalaScars

    Melbourne Bus Livery and Windows

    Hey mate, thanks! But I only really do Victorian stuff as there is almost no Victorian modders
  3. KoalaScars

    Melbourne Bus Livery and Windows

    Thanks man
  4. KoalaScars

    Victoria Police / State Highway Patrol

    VICTORIAN EMERGENCY SERVICE PHOTOS! New Vehicles New Peds More Everything
  5. Version 1.0.0


    GTA 5 Melbourne Bus Texture Model is by High Performance Modding https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/enterable-replace-els-2010-mb-citaro-o530-rhein-mosel-bus Vehicle livery done by KoalaScars DO NOT REUPLOAD Glass may not work well just yet, if so just export the texture "scheiben inner" from bus.ytd and rename it "scheiben" then import it in.
  6. KoalaScars

    CFA Wild Fire PED V1.00

    Great Job man. I myself am a CFA Volunteer who wears this gear on a regular, and its very accurate, the textures are great and looks realistic, beside some obvious things like the helmet, a few real modelled parts and it'll be perfect. Good work
  7. KoalaScars

    New Victorian Police Ped model WIP

    That is for the Gun, the holster is GTA V eddied by me
  8. Version 1.0.0


    !Victorian Police Ped Uniform BETA WIP! Hi all! This is my currently BETA, model of 2018 Victorian Police general duties officer! Like I mentioned it is a BETA and work in progress, so please bare with it and report all issues you come across. Alot more features to come! - Female Cop - More Pants - Data File - Rain Coat - Bike Cop - Suggestions!! Please use or edit textures for GTA V or FiveM but DO NOT REUPLOAD OR STEAL THE MODEL *INSTALL* mods/x64e/models/cdimages/componentpeds_s_m_y Credits: Gun / Gun Holder x2 by CodeyWynne Everything else by Rockstar - EUP
  9. KoalaScars

    VicPol BMW R 1200RT Police Bike [ELS] [WIP]

    Hey mate, Yeah the texture file i used was some american one so the actual texture is mostly white. I might replace it soon for next release.
  10. KoalaScars

    WIP Hilux 2017 SR5 Tray

    Progression of my Toyota Hilux 2017 SR5 Tray civilian version.
  11. I'm actually using 2, just to make sure but patchday10 and patchday8
  12. So here's some in game photos. This is what it looks like when I spawn it This is it on a bodyguard But whats weird is remember I was saying i used different materials for L0 and L1. Well.... L1 L0 Its hard to tell but they are 2 different materials. So its using both L1 and L0 but still not showing on player.
  13. Yeah thats what i thought too. Cheers mate
  14. I originally was exporting both on w_pi_singleshot until I realised and changed it to w_pi_singleshot_hi and been exporting ever since. Do you suggest Exporting LO LODS as w_pi_singleshot_hi and then changing name back to w_pi_singleshot for L1 LODs? Because either way I exported it, was L0 LODs not working, I could see it at distance but not when holding it. I also think it might be an issue with the w_pi_singleshot+hi.ytd maybe? Like its not reading it and therefore no its invisible?
  15. Sure mate With the Textures, the first on on the right is for L1 LOD and the last one or bottom right is for L0 LODs