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  1. Follow this link Basically install as you normally would with Aussie Flash Patterns and use one of the corresponding ELS files there for it
  2. Instructions unclear, nuclear disaster imminent, am sueing
    Originally didn't think I'd like the all blue all red light scheme but its growing on me. Great model once again!
  3. Sandy 301 first on scene to a deceased female. Traffic 601, Sandy 650 and Grapeseed 303 on scene at an abandon stolen vehicle. Vehicle was previously pursued but pursuit terminated due to high speeds.
    Great model, love it. Only one thing to comment on, the windows. They seem a bit cloudy and the passengers and drivers glass have some weird little marks on them. I've also noticed that if you change the tint it tints the lightbar, unsure if that can be fixed. Besides that, amazing model keep it up!
  4. Is there any way to turn off the indicators and that white light at the rear? they're extremely bright for me. At night I can't really even see the police lights at the back because of them
  5. Fixed! For all others, future reference; I turned off anti virus, cleared download cache, changed my download to Russia - Moscow, then verified integrity of game cache. Tbh I'm not sure which fixed it as I did it all at once. Thanks for the help
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