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  1. Gotta love it she looks mean. Cant wait so excited for this pack
  2. already done?????????? bro look at the vic pack. like actually look nvm saw ur reply message
    this car was over looked I use this mofo every day thought you should know
    This is absolutely amazing. Its so realistic even the antenna clip hats off again. Goes great with vic pack. I KNOW YOU HATE EXPLORERS. But you should really consider just finishing up the chp pack and do the explorers atleast. because face it I know it will be great and end up being the greatest chp pack ever. but back on topic you killed you Man!
  3. nope im happy with the antenna longer and pushbar lights larger. pumped for the new vics but cant wait for those chargers
  4. OMG you separated the lights its truly realistic hats fucken off man most guys just put an avenger with no spacing!!!!!!! Best slicktop ive seen yet DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT
  5. Can't wait gonna be so epic perfect vehicle to add to the fleet. A charger with a Chp antenna
  6. Was trying yo find a way yo contact you Walters was curious how the Seattle pd pack was coming super excited for that
  7. Can't wait so excited still use the explorer every week love it
  8. Im so excited for this pack fucken looks sweet love your work as always and thanks for the progress updates!!!! Also Nypd looks great also excited for that. Thanks for what you do for this community!
  9. omg I love the explorer cant wait for the rest keep going
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