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    You are the best!!!!! Could you make it work for ambulance, firetruck and undercovers tho? the wig wags work on them but not the reflection.
  1. AMPMAN777


  2. AMPMAN777


    So glad amber lights are back great mod
  3. AMPMAN777

    Ohio Based Sheriff Skin for CVPI

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for this skin looks so good in game
  4. AMPMAN777

    Los Santos Police texture

    Love these skins they are my fav. Keep it up
  5. AMPMAN777

    Ohio State CVPI skin

    Loved the skin look really good
  6. AMPMAN777

    LSPD CVPI Pack

    Love your car bro keep it up
  7. AMPMAN777

    North Yankton State Police CVPI

    Great car for policeold2 looks good by the way. I put the Ohio Highway State skin on it and looks sweet
    Makes The cars look real nice thanks
  8. AMPMAN777

    Black Sheriff Textures

    i would love this if you could use amber parking lights with it