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  1. gamepro552

    Ohio Sheriff Uniforms (EUP & AI)

    The hat doesn't seem to work for me and I have installed it in the right location, maybe something in the file structure has changed?
  2. gamepro552

    GTA V crashing after 10-15 Mins

    I've been having an issue with my game crashing here recently, not really sure what is causing it, but it seems to have gotten worse after the recent after hours update. This is the most recent crash log, I had just hooked a disabled vehicle to a towtruck and then my game crashed. If I had to guess, I would say that maybe my game ran out of memory? There wasn't any model issues or texture loading problems at the time of the crash. My PC Specs: System Information ------------------ Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134) (17134.rs4_release.180410-1804) Processor: Genuine Intel(R) CPU @ 2.90GHz (16 CPUs), ~2.9GHz (IBM Sample) Memory: 16384MB RAM (16GB) Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1080 (8GB)
  3. gamepro552

    Strange LSPDFR issues.

    Thanks, that fixed that issue, and I managed to fix "some" of the vehicles. All of my car models that just replace an already existing car model are able to make AI yield, but I have 3 added cars that the AI do not recognize the siren. The car has correct ELS lighting and sirens, but the AI don't seem to notice. I have a feeling it has something to do with the vehicles.meta but I have redone it and changed things around and the problem still persists.
  4. gamepro552

    Strange LSPDFR issues.

    I'm having some issues with my game after updating to the latest scripthook, AI cars no longer yield to an active siren, and I cannot pull over AI vehicles. Also, when trying to initiate a traffic stop, if I honk my horn the driver floors it and just drives straight until they die. Another issue I am having, AI do not use their police lights or sirens at all, I am using the latest version of ELS and scripthook.
  5. Already adopted into my fleet, looks great. Any plans to add an underneath texture? Had a bit of an accident and noticed there isn't anything under there but grey.
  6. gamepro552


    Thank you thank you thank you :)
  7. gamepro552


    I have GTA V 1.0.1011.1 (Steam) and RAGE v0.51.1056.10373, none of your mods seem to be working, even after downloading the latest version, the pop up window says my stuff is out of date. Have you not updated yet or am I doing something wrong?
  8. So, I'm a truck driver with an expediting company in Dayton, OH. I was getting off the highway headed for a delivery in downtown Dayton and saw a body laying off to the side of the exit ramp, I about had a heart attack, quickly stopped on the side of the ramp and got out. I dialed 911 as I ran up to the body, it was a guy in his mid early 20's face down in the cold snow. There was some blood on the snow above his head, his legs were sorta crossed, and he looked stiff. I thought for sure this dude was dead. 911 answered and asked me if he was breathing, I tried to check for a pulse and didn't feel anything, skin was cold to the touch. Another truck driver in a AAA tow truck pulled off to the side to help me, some drivers just kept going by, not giving a damn. The tow truck driver got out, pretty much blocking the entire exit ramp, not giving a fuck. He looked at the body and asked me if he was dead, I said I didn't know for sure. The 911 dispatcher told me to try and roll over the body, me and the other driver rolled him over, and blood was all over his face, coming from his nose and right eye, it didn't feel like he was breathing and I couldn't detect a pulse, he looked gray as a stone. He suddenly started twitching slightly, making shivering noises. I relayed that information to the 911 dispatcher and they told me to just stay there, emergency vehicles are on the way. The tow truck driver had some blankets that he covered the guy in as we waited...I started to hear sirens, and then an ambulance came from the wrong way side up the exit ramp, pretty much at the same time a Dayton police officer arrived. The medics quickly got to the guy, lifted him up onto a stretcher and went into the back of the ambulance. The cop that showed up got a statement from me and told me that I had to wait because if he was dead/dies, it turns into an investigation. The police officer told me to wait in my truck until more information is found out. I waited for about 5 mins and I saw the cop get out of the back of the ambulance, he came up to my window and said that the guy was jacked up on heroin and had enough in his system to kill him, but the cold may have saved his life. I waited for a few more minutes and then the ambulance sped away, a police officer then gave me the thumbs up and I was clear to leave. The whole thing took about 25 minutes. This was a pretty crazy experience, first time I have dialed 911 and I'm 20. I can't find anything about it on the news, and I have no idea if the guy is alive or not, but I feel good about what I did. I just keep thinking how many people drove by him and didn't stop. The police figured that he was dumped out of a vehicle, left to die on the side of the road, pretty shitty.
  9. gamepro552


    You going to make an ELS version of this model? I've been waiting for an ELS 2014 Charger and am surprised there isn't one yet.
  10. Skin is not released.
  11. Damn, its really unique and I spend DAYS creating custom patrols, I had the whole map locked down with dozens of different departments. Freaking sucks :/
  12. I just installed this plugin again after taking a break for a few months, loved it then, want to love it now. Unfortunately, I can't load the plugin without my game crashing. If I select it to load with LSPDFR my game crashes when loading, if I load it after i'm in-game, my game will crash when I open any sort of RAGE menu.
  13. gamepro552

    GTA V Crashing With LSPDFR Installed

    I restarted my computer, loaded up GTA V and everything seems to be working now, cars are doing fine. Thanks a bunch for your dedicated support.
  14. gamepro552

    GTA V Crashing With LSPDFR Installed

    Yes, I am on the latest version of GTA V, infact I completely re downloaded the game last night.
  15. gamepro552

    GTA V Crashing With LSPDFR Installed

    Alright, I tried the config that allowed for the most vehicles, and my game got past the initial loading and then LSPDFR spam crashed until my PC froze.