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  1. hi all i just updated to lspdfr.4 and it keeps crashign when i go on duty any idea why the crash report is below. thanks
  2. doesnt work on the update of gta any news when it will be updated because this really makes game realistic.
    hi i love this plugin but ever since the update it hasnt been working correctly so do you have an idea on when an update to the plugin will be coming? thanks
    hi i love this plugin however since the new update the patterns arent working ive deleted and reinstalled plugins to no luck, and when they do work the headlights dont flash when day setting is applied, and the tailights as well as brake only strobe when moving or out of vehicle any idea what could be causing this to happen? thanks
    love it only thing is ever since the new update im running off of ais support and whenever i run someone through the computer the game crashes any idea why is it due to no scripthook thanks
  3. hi i am using asi support plugin howvere whenever i try to run someone through the computer the game just crashes any idea why this keeps happening? also anyone know when a update to scripthook is going to be released because i have a feeling this may be the cause to this. thanks
  4. Ohhhh. ok thanks that explains alot. thanks will try that now.
  5. hi all when i go on duty in the F4 console lspdfr keeps crashing below is a log of the crash report can anyone please tell me whats going wrong? the lspdfr troubleshooter keeps popping up no errors found.
  6. hi all i reinstalled policesmartradio and now its missing all the buttons except ped and plate check anyone have any ideas why that is? thanks
  7. i believe it was the policesmartradio i removed it and then redowloaded it and added the new into the game file
  8. hi all below i have the crash report for rage plugin can anyone let me know whats causing the game to crash? thanks
  9. hi it started working again just deleted all plugins and reinstalled them one by one until i found the one causing problems. thanks
  10. hi all i was having no problem playing lspdfr this morning but ever since this afternon it would keep crashing while going on duty i try to reload all plugins and force duty again but it would still crash anyone know the anwser?
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