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  1. Well i mean. I did say your skins were well made. sorry for my useless comment.
  2. This is nothing against you, these are well made skins, By LA liveries are just so bland and ugly in my opinion. lol.
  3. Yes thank you. I have the PDN saved and ill be working on them as a whole, I had a hard time actually finding the font. I already planned on resizing everything and releasing updates as i go and can work on it.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Okay so before you keyboard cats come to the comments saying its not accurate. YES I KNOW, THIS IS A WIP. In game its a very high quality skin that is hard to represent by these screenshots but nevertheless these are 8K. Thank you all so so much for viewing and downloading! I really appreciate it! Have a request?? Join my discord!-https://discord.gg/hureFz5
  5. Will this update make all mods that are compatible with the current obsolete? like stop the ped, EUP, And callouts??
  6. Haha dont worry about that one, i make fictional ones mostly
    I'm Absolutely loving this pack. Would you be able to make an SUV pack as well? I'd love to see and explorer in here(I know you dont like explorers) But the amount of people who will, Oof! Oh by the way, I used these in a video!
  7. Thank you, I'll try that
  8. So i had to reinstall everything i have, And NVR was the last thing i installed, I know i have to delete the textures from the emmisive folder so cars will spawn in with textures, but even none of my custom cars will spawn in if i replace them. I put them in the right patchday, I'm very fimiliar with modding this game and i know how to add cars, but they just wont after i installed this graphics mod. does anyone know how to fix this issue?
  9. Use OpenIV. if you have further questions please go to the forums
  10. The correct patchday is always going to be the latest one. Which would be the highest number Patchday20 is the latest, You'll just place the vehicle models in there. Then put the XML files in your ELS>Pack Default folder
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