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    Such an amazing model just waiting for it to be els
  1. Medal

    ELS Issues

    whenever i spawn in a police car and activate stg 3 the headlight and taillight goes out. it's just on the police slots
  2. Medal

    ELS Stuck

    when i start my game and spawn in a car the lights go on automatic i've included some pics.
  3. what happened to the halogen lights mod that was linked?
  4. I have the els for primary as dro2 and it's still on at all times
  5. Medal

    ELS Issues.

    i already have, its something else
  6. Medal

    ELS Issues.

    As of the latest update for RPH ELS has stopped working. The steady burns, Wig-Wags, etc all work but other than that nothing else will work on any emergency slot. Nothing has been changed in my game has been changed except my RPH
  7. is there a way to have the taillghts to not flash while code 3?
  8. My police cars when spawned in they are a matte color instead of glossy. help
  9. yeah, the .ytd's are all fine and now i'm noticing that all the police cars all a matte color
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