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  1. Whenever I add the LCPDFR dll file to the project as a reference it causes Visual Studio to crash. I can open the API examples just fine (only the .cs files though) I'm pretty sure it isn't because of Visual Studio itself since it works fine with everything else like Unity.
  2. siren mastery crashes instantly i followed the video instructions provided in the documentation as to how to install it the log file:
  3. bursura


    GradeAUnderA lol. Weird side of youtube and shit. Couldn't play LSPDFR so yeha got a bit bored.
  4. bursura


    It's in my directory and installed properly along with the main issue (scriphook v) being installed exactly where its supposed to be. I just can't figure out what could be causing it.
  5. Now I can have my beautiful NOOSE team.
  6. Well.. That explains alot. Wow, you're amazing man! It's working! :D
  7. Just checked it, everything in the ASI Manager in OpenIV is Installed. I don't understand how it could be my end as it works without launching RAGE, so it's installed correctly. RAGE itself works so it isn't that RAGE isn't installed correctly.
  8. Acually yes, I had this same problem but I found a trainer but then I had a hard drive become old and corrupt and had to get a new one, and so I had to reinstall everything. I forgot the trainer it had an orange HUD as default that's all I remember about it. Which doesn't help. Sucks that no trainer I've installed has worked at all with RAGE.
  9. Yes, in fact Menyoo works perfectly fine when launching GTA 5 through Steam like I normally would. It's just when I try launching with RAGE it won't show the menu as if it hasn't been enabled. Here's a Prt Sc of my directory:
  10. Already have it with the trainers. Maybe trainers just wont work for LSPDFR..
  11. I do have that and tried using F3 but it won't open the menu, sadly. Same with the other trainer (Menyoo) it wont open at all when i press the hotkey (and they're not conflicting)
  12. I know that, but I'm wanting to use a trainer with LSPDFR, so I have to launch through RAGE. But it doesn't seem to work when I play with LSPDFR.. And I do have ScriptHookV.
  13. I've been trying to get a trainer for GTA V LSPDFR but none work. Here's the ones I've tried (atleast that I've remembered): https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/rage-trainer I start up RAGEPluginHook.exe and the game starts normally. No conflicting hotkeys either. But then this plugin just crashes and the game just continues loading without it. The next two have very similar problems. No conflicting hotkeys, game loads normally but the menus just wont open using the hotkeys. I think it might not be working because it requires the normal GTA 5 .exe files to load. Since we must use the RAGEPluginHook.exe to load the game with LSPDFR it won't load the trainer files. Meaning no trainer. The mods are: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/menyoo-pc-sp
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