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  1. sirkingnut

    [WIP] Coastal Callouts

    @PNWParksFan Sounds great
  2. sirkingnut

    [WIP] Coastal Callouts

    @PNWParksFan You should make a callout where there is some sort of event like a boat race or an airshow over the water and you have to do crowd control and keep boats out of designated areas.
  3. sirkingnut

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization

    There should be a way to pull more than one vehicle over at a time.
  4. I believe sheriff Joe Apario is doing a good job enforcing law in his county especially immigration laws.
  5. Steam doesn't think GTA 5 exists on my computer but it does steam wants me to reinstall GTA 5 but that would take 3 days and 12 hours is there any way to fix this without reinstalling GTA?
    Great quality and accurate.
  6. Most main stream media outlets are biased and will do anything to get there message out. This is very sad because now you don't know what is real anymore because everyone is to worried about being political correct and getting there agenda through the mass audience. I would recommend sources like Infowars and Mark Dice or even Lou Dobbs on Fox news although these are primarily Republican news sources they give you the facts.
  7. America should stop getting involved in other people's problems and stop being the world's police unless it is a threat to the US.
  8. I liked all of them it's interesting how they put a classic lightbar on newer vehicles
  9. Tasers also might not be effective to a person that is on mind altering substances or other drugs.
  10. sirkingnut

    Chautauqua County Sheriff Chevy Impala

    That's perfect thank you
  11. sirkingnut

    Chautauqua County Sheriff Chevy Impala

    Could you make a liveries for any of the available Chevy Impalas?