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  1. muffi256

    2016 [ELS] Unmarked FPIS

    love the new cars man have theme all in my game keep up the great work
  2. muffi256

    Modern Siren Pack

    If I want to use a different siren then the default one you say to use the dictionary but I'm still a little confused on how to use a different siren could u please help me because these sirens are amazing and I want to try all of theme in my game Thank you,
  3. have a problem with lspdfr plus evrytime i try to do a traffic stop and ask questions it dosent give me the option that it should its stuck on do you know why i pulled you over have you been drinking and whats the reason for speeding when they havent even been speeding can you please help i seem to be the only personne to have this problem i tried making a new directory and still the same thing please help.
  4. muffi256

    2015 Potato Charger ELS

    I have a bug for meat least it lifts up on the side of the driver side or passenger and makes the car spin out of control
  5. muffi256


    love the model happy you released but the lights in the back are all red like there supost to be red and bleu but there red I installed the car model right and installed the visual rights any ideas...
  6. muffi256

    FS Unitrol 8001 Siren (9 Siren Tones) SirenMastery

    btw you only put 6 siren tones I cant get the other ones
  7. muffi256

    Game crashes immediately help

    Take out Clear the Way Pov...
  8. muffi256


    remove clear the way mod.
  9. muffi256


    Do you think wenever you get the time to update it you could make an oiv instead