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  1. Mine turned yellow too out of the blue, and no matter what I do I cant get them to turn back red. I dont know what caused it, since its BX buggs crown vic and Charger, n they started out red n then one day were yellow
  2. Had a game crash and it said that LSPDFR caused it. I am including the log to show so maybe someone can figure this out. Thanks CrashReport_Jarhead1086_635988552455630589.rcr
  3. What do i need to open the read me to install it? I apparently dont have the right program to read the read me lol
  4. Tried installing it the way you told me, but it still only uses the default siren in game, not sure why or what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions?
  5. All i think when I hear that is "Hello, Im Sheriff John Bunnell" lol
  6. Los Santos County Sheriffs Office Deputy Jarhead1086 3 Lincoln 10 Dispatch show me 10-8
  7. They do it to get views and likes and subscribers because people are gullible enough to think it actually is LSPDFR instead of realzing it really isnt
  8. Why is everyone bitching? The mod will be out when it comes out. Be glad you will get to play it! I wont! I wont have access to be able to until fall. Quit bitching and complaining and enjoy the fact not everyone is as fortunate as you are to get to play it, you are starting to sound like a bunch of selfish entitled little kids. Get over yourselves and stop bitching. Be glad Sam and G17 and LMS even are making all this possible for all of us to enjoy. Friggin whiny little brats.
  9. Sadly I doubt I will even get to mess with LSPDFR since sunday I go back to work and wont have any access to my GTA 5 setup until November. It is what it is I guess lol.
  10. Fact is if Saddam had let the UN arms inspectors in to do their jobs like he was mandated to do after the Gulf war in 91, we would never have gone into Iraq. That simple. As for Vietnam and Korea obviously we didn't listen because we did the same in Iraq and Afghanistan that we did in Korea and Vietnam, sadly our government doesn't have the guts to finish a war that they start. If we had stayed in Iraq ISIS wouldn't have came to power, Iran wouldn't be trying to take the country over, and Iraq would have a rebuilt military and infrastructure and government that were worth a shit and didn't fold under pressure. But no, we started taking casualties, the media wouldn't show the good we did and what we were doing, they would rather talk about casualties because the good we did doesn't bring in ratings.
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