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    acepilot2k7 reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    Development continues! A massive update just went out to beta testers, with more features and fixes than I can reasonably describe in one quick forum post. Here's a little preview of what's new: 
    I fixed spawning of boats with the unlimited boundaries mod, now you can call for backup or spawn a callout anywhere on the unlimited massive oceans I got the add-on cargo boats working, and wrote a new, more challenging rescue mission involving a sinking ship  Updated the copilot AI, now it flies at top speed when flying to destinations more than 500m away, and there's a menu option to slow it down if you want Added a menu toggle for the helicopter spotlight - still working on this, I've figured out how to make it aim at something, so I'll eventually have it track whatever ped/vehicle you might be following, but as of right now I'm having some issues with it still  Fixed a ton of bugs and added a bunch of new features What I'm working on next:
    A function to deploy a marker - e.g. if you find the boat and need to come back to it later, or you find a ped to rescue but your helicopter is full, etc. This will let you drop a flare on the spot, and will leave a marker on your minimap Adding more detail to the new callout Making boat pursuit AI take advantage of the unlocked map boundaries, so fleeing boats have a chance of fleeing into the open seas New plane-related features  
    Here are a few screenshots from the recent development: 




    Also, I will be doing a live stream with @acepilot2k7 tonight at 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern, taking a look at the new features. I will be joining the stream live over voice chat, and will have a drawing at the end of the stream for free beta access for one livestream viewer. Of course, you can also get beta access by joining the Parks Benefactor program at any time! 
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    acepilot2k7 reacted to t0y in The San Andreas Project   
    Including: @t0y @OfficerWalters @DriX Designs @IndianaisMyState @TrentMU @Maurice97 @BradM and @acepilot2k7 more to be added.
    Welcome to the modification/showroom thread of the San Andreas Project. This is a huge project that the Attractive Studios team has come up with and we hope to execute as we are planning. This idea includes a complete overhaul of Liveries, Models, and Peds for the San Andreas emergency services. Basically it will include 5-6 emergency service departments (extra details about each one below) Peds to go along with them, and custom lore friendly liveries for all of them as well. The model number will most likely come out to 30 or above, so it is to be used along side RDE. Or with a mix and match.
    The Team:
    t0y - Modeler
    OfficerWalters - Modeler
    Drix - Modeler
    Indiana - Modeler
    Maurice - Modeler
    Trent - Livery Designer, Modeler
    Brad - Livery Designer
    Acepilot2k7 - Youtuber
    Slendis - Screenshoter, Livery Designer, Tester
    More to be announced soon.
    Attractive Studios is currently recruiting designers from all parts of LSPDFR to help us either with the San Andres Project or otherwise. You must have several released files, and be relatively active and you must have Discord. Age is not a factor in recruiting, but if ur really young and immature obviously you won't be accepted :) - We are in need of PED modelers/textur-ers and more modelers you can PM me if you are interested, or join our discord linked below.
    The plan:
    Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)
    Lightbar: (TBA)
    Peds: Yes
    Models: 8
    Members: All
    Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO)
    Lightbar: (TBA)
    Peds: Yes
    Models: 8
    Members: ALL
    San Andreas State Police (SASP)
    Lightbar: (TBA)
    Peds: Yes
    Models: 6
    Members: All
    San Andreas Parks Service (SAPS)
    Lightbar: (Liberty I, R/B)
    Peds: No
    Models: 2
    Members: 2
    San Andreas Corrections Departments (SACD)
    Lightbar: (TBA)
    Peds: No
    Models: 2
    Members: 2
    Los Santos Fire Department: (LSFD)
    Lightbar: (TBA)
    Peds: (TBA)
    Models: 2
    Members: ALL
    How can you contribute?
    We would love to have help with this massive project. If you want to help but dont know anything about modeling or texture designing feel free to comment below and give us your opinions, and suggestions about what we should add or remove or edit! If you do have experience in modeling and livery designing you can PM us or come on our discord to talk about joining and helping out with this.
    Q: What makes this different from the tons of model packs and uniform packs out there already? What makes the SAP special?
    A: Well most packs and modelers have some small packs out there 5-6 vehicles maybe more, without uniforms, and with the same vehicles used in every other pack. We are planning on making almost 10 cars for each major department, and using some private or unreleased models meaning the model bases will be unique to us, and you will have enough LSPD, BCSO, and SASP cars to fill your slots with major variety. We also will (hopefully) having matching uniforms, which means you won't need to use the same uniforms as always. We also are, also hopefully good modelers and are planning on spending a large amount of time on this pack so it will be the highest quality possible with major effort.
    Q: When, and how are you planning on releasing the San Andreas Project?
    A: Currently we have no ETA on release, but that will of course be updated, and reupdated as time goes on and we run into issues, or find new things to add. Every week on Sunday we will update you on this thread, and in our Gallery with images of what we've done, giving you new information on the packs we are working on and once we get closer to release we will give you our planned release date. In terms of how, it will most likely be released in one of a few ways. We may release it by department, and by part. So "SAP Part 1: LSPD" released by the supervisor or a leader, or it will be released in "The San Andreas Project" with, upon hitting download will have several different files to choose from each one being a specific department. Because of the huge amount of cars this file will probably be a massive size so it may need to be uploaded to mediafire, and we will just link it in a download.
    If you have any questions feel free to respond below!
    Contact Us:
    Our Discord: https://discord.gg/7QAkjMc
    Our Twitter: https://twitter.com/AttractiveGTAV
    Or you can PM any of our leaders for more information! @t0y @OfficerWalters
    Follow this thread and our gallery for updates!

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    acepilot2k7 reacted to Deputy Brand in GMAntonZ LSPDFR Patrol Series!   
    Nice Anton good luck in one of the best crews ever
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    acepilot2k7 reacted to gmantonz in GMAntonZ LSPDFR Patrol Series!   
    Today marks 2 months since I've started on YouTube! I celebrate with Episode #21 and 167 subscribers, THANK YOU! But it is also an extra special day because today I was invited to join the Kuffs Gaming crew alongside @TheProneGuy @OnyxEyeRocketCityGamerZ @BuddaRocks @acepilot2k7 @Darkmyre @RyWilson and @DriftWood! I can't wait to see what comes next!
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    acepilot2k7 reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    Time for some quick updates on the DLC pack! We are very fortunate that @SkylineGTRFreak is on holiday this week and has had some time to work on his models! 
    The MH-60 Jayhawk will now have full LODs New MH-65C Dolphin helicopter, with full LODs and now with retractable landing gear (thanks to @Delco24 for figuring that one out) The USCG 25' Defender Boat will also be getting full LODs and some other fixes Edits to some meta files which will result in coast guard helis spawning flying around the marina area and landing at the coast guard base Also, if you haven't been following the Service Uniforms Project by Alex Ashfold, it will include both Coast Guard, Port Police, and Life Guard outfits for multiplayer peds (similar to EUP). Check out the preview gallery to see all the awesome uniforms that are under development with that! 
    I have also started working on some new features, including a much-requested "drug smuggling" callout with several dynamic variations to how the callout can go, and I've started developing an AI search feature which will allow you to request backup from planes, helis, and boats to help you search for rescue victims.
    I'm also very excited to finally say that the first Coastal Callouts teaser videos will be posted here later today. Two episodes will be posted today, with @Albo1125 highlighting some of the boat-based features of the mod in his episode, and @Darkmyre highlighting some of the helicopter-based features in his. As soon as those are ready to go live, I will also be posting information about how to join the Coastal Callouts beta. Stay tuned for more updates very soon!
    EDIT: Here is a sneak peak at that beautiful new MH-65C by SkylineGTRFreak:


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    acepilot2k7 reacted to BuddaRocks in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   

    Looking forward to this with much anticipation sir! Keep up the good work! 
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    acepilot2k7 got a reaction from fireboy6117 in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    This is so awesome. Thank you @PNWParksFan for your dedication to making this coastal callout a reality. I cannot wait. 
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    acepilot2k7 got a reaction from PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    This is so awesome. Thank you @PNWParksFan for your dedication to making this coastal callout a reality. I cannot wait. 
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    acepilot2k7 reacted to TWISTEDSCOPES in How to fix ELS when it stops working   
    Hello LCPDFR/LSPDFR, I have found a solutions on how to fix ELS when it stops working. First let's talk about the issues and then we'll talk about resolving it. My issue with ELS was it worked, like you can bring up the panel and activate the lights and all.. but when I tried turning on the lights they wont flash at all.. so I thought I didn't have something installed or something was missing, that.... wasn't the case... I tried everything but noting worked, but let me throw so examples of my problem. KEEP *NOTE* I HAVE TOUCHED MY GTA V IN TWO DAYS*
    Now there's multiple ways on how to fix this issue one of these ways will probably work or mostly likely won't.
    Solution 1.(How I fixed it the issue)
    What i did was, i took my file put it in my external hard drive, after that... i deleted the one off my main drive, then i took the one from my external drive that i moved too and moved it back to the main drive, after that. I went in game and BOOM!!! it worked.
    Solution 2. ASI Manger
    "In OpenIV, go to ASI Manager and uninstall ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI and then click install again to reinstall them. Then restart the PC, then try loading into the game again and see if that works."
    Solution 3. Resetting stuff
    Go in game and reset your graphics and your settings to everything, if that doesn't work then do the samething and restart your PC.
    Solution 4. Updating
    Make sure your game is update to date with the current update (BUT) before updating the game make sure to back up your update so you can revert back to your old patch, if something goes wrong.
    Solution 5. Restarting
    Try restarting your PC, that should work. 
    Credits: I wanna thank @acepilot2k7 @Vegas725 @OfficerWalters @PSource for trying to help me fix this issue. I also wanna thank @KasmarKada for his solution on solution 2.
    Hopefully this helps and it works out for you.
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    acepilot2k7 reacted to Trooper Goetz in Announcing my Resignation   
    I would like to say a few things before I go. It was a great run for the strong 4 years Ive been modding for the community and I would gladly like to continue but there comes a certain time in someones life where you have to make a tough decision. I have decided to grow up and move on with my life so I will no longer make mods for the community so please do not message me about why im leaving or to make you a private request it will be ignored. But if you wish to say fair well it will be acceptable. So I hope you guys continue to make the community stronger than what it already is. 
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