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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Blaine County Sheriff's Office Skin Pack based on Page County Sheriff's Office Made by nick01618 and screenshots by @jalenliu I came across this design scheme on IG and made one for GTA V since I loved it so much. Leave your suggestions down below! Submit a photo of you using this skin to our Instagram and possibly get featured! Check out your Instagram for daily uploads! @emergency_hub I added 'SHERIFF' lettering to all rambars so check them out! And personally, charger looks the best with black steel wheels. **Does Not Include files for all-blue lightbar** **For @Captain14's Sheriff Pack** Thanks for downloading =====-------=====
  2. After installing R Hancer Mod all of my in-game sounds are gone except LSPDFR Radio audio. LSPDFR+ Statistics messege popped up so I just downloaded it but it keeps saying LSPDFR+ Statistic Mod is corrupted.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This file is made to honor two fallen officers and a deputy. Includes skin for 2013 Charger, 2013 Tahoe, 2013 Impala and 2015 Charger Do not re upload this to other websites. Feel free to edit them Links to vehicles provided in the read me file Check Us out on Instagram! @Emergency_Hub Shoutout to @jalenliu for stunning screenshots!
  4. Emergency Hub

    Motel Troubles

    Hi there :) awesome work! I own a IG paged called @Emergency_Hub and I been posting pictures of your stunning work(of course with credits) hope that is okay with you :) I was wondering if I can post your pictures and if you would be kind enough to send me some photos. Hope to hear back from you! Have an awesome day!!
  5. This looks amazing!! Hey I own a IG paged called @Emergency_Hub and I been posting pics of your cars (of course with credits) hope that is okay with you. And are you okay with me posting this pic too? :) Awesome work brother!
  6. aawesome!!! Finally found skin that looks like my local department!!!
  7. Stunning work!! I bet Conan approves too
  8. Version 0,5


    This Superbowl Skin Pack that I just made, this is one of my first skins, and this is first time I'm uploading anything on LCPDFR. Please leave a comment if I made any mistakes with providing credits. This pack includes -Mustang (police) -Corvette (police2) -Charger (fib) -Expedition (polpatriot) -E7 (noose) Pack include Patriot skin and Sea Hawks skin Enjoy!:)
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