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    sjain reacted to Bozza in *NEED HELP*   
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    sjain got a reaction from Janis28 in Problem with GTA IV and LCPDFR - Iam frustrated:(   
    Disable fullscreen optimisation, disable all Windows 10 gaming stuff from the Settings app, and are you using an ENB and what mods are you using.
    Sorry you have to have this, its annoying as fuck. I never had it but ENBs only return a black screen for me.
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    sjain reacted to ShadowLoleris in Problem getting LSPDFR to work   
    This topic is for GTA IV & LCPDFR, not for GTA V & LSPDFR!
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    sjain reacted to thegreathah in Meet Your Moderator - Kallus Rourke   
    You mean "meet the person single-handedly moderating lcpdfr.com".
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    sjain got a reaction from SiCK PUPPY in Community Spotlight: SteveTheGamer55   
    Some really good questions presented here and great responses from Steve. Been watching for a long time, no I am not saying that to brag - it pretty much made a part of my childhood, the sheer realism and fun, and Steve was always the guy with all the mods. Very fun to watch, he plays so well and realistically, using every feature, and don't even get me started on the variety, he would fine tune his game to the role he was playing and there were so many different roles and games and playstyles... The effort really shows! Overall, very unique experience to watch Steve's videos, and not to mention that all the content is free to watch. Best wishes to Steve for the future and happiness! Because you damn well deserve it. And let's not forget he's a badass :P
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    sjain reacted to willpv23 in POLICE CAR IS NOT DRIVE NORMALLY   
    Disable any trainer options for "Police ignore player" or anything like that.
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    sjain reacted to Julien98 in [Solved] Extreme Texture Loss   
    approx. 90-100k. And ytd's from 4-6mbs. One thing i noticed is the normal yft is bigger than the _hi.yft
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    sjain reacted to CouthInk4 in IF I REINSTALL GTA V THEN I NEED TO REPLAY THE MISSION?   
    Can you elaborate? Right now you're not making sense 
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    sjain reacted to zachstends in Pursuit AI randomly guns it forward?   
    Sorry for "necroing" such an old thread. But figure i'd provide you guys and anyone else with a possible fix on this. I had the same issue and realized that it was after I setup ELS that it started happening. The AI would drive perfectly fine chasing them from a distance but when I got up on their tail and changed siren tones they would stop steering and immediately crash. I went in the ELS .ini file and turned the two lines below to "false". This seemed to fix it so far, I will come back and edit it if i'm incorrect. I only tried on a few different callouts.
    ElsActiveOnAi = false
    ElsTrafCtrlOn = false
    I don't notice a difference with traffic control turned off. AI still yield the same way. 
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    sjain reacted to DS Young in Visuals too bright!   
    So that fresh install didn't change a thing! Changed the PostFX option and it lowers the brightness, but doesn't look very good, think I'm just going to live with it. Thanks for all your help! @0sc4r & @sjain
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    sjain got a reaction from DS Young in [Solved] Extreme Texture Loss   
    Thanks so much :) Now I just have to deal with the "Pursuit of armed suspects" callout crashing the whole game. Probably an outdated callout plugin messing with it.
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    sjain reacted to DS Young in [Solved] Extreme Texture Loss   
    Sometimes I get massive texture loss when I replace the liveries on my vehicles to 4K liveries. Seems to me, that the 4K textures are too much for the game to handle, along with trying to load the game (which i have at similar settings to yours). I read that you've removed your mods folder so I take it that removes your custom vehicles and replaces them with the stock ones? If you do have 4K texture on your vehicle, try downgrading them to 2K or something smaller. I downgraded to 2K and it solved my issue!
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    sjain reacted to DS Young in Visuals too bright!   
    Yeah, I've done that every time. I delete everything that is in this folder, and then I verify my files through steam to re-download it again.

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    sjain got a reaction from The Beast 105 in Simple Trainer Does Not Work after RDE   
    Re-install ScriptHookV, and the mods aren't compatible as suggested above.
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    sjain reacted to brysonblandford in Looking for someone to take in game screenshots   
    Message sent @sjain
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    sjain reacted to Soviet teddy in What is needed before I instal lcpdfr into my gta 5   
    ok thank you very much
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    sjain reacted to GameandChill in What is needed before I instal lcpdfr into my gta 5   
    The latest version of GTA 5 is what you need, everything is updated for it. Run the installer for LSPDFR first, and then download and install the latest ragepluginhook and scripthook. 
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    sjain reacted to Cyan in Hey - do you think a "Knowledge Base" section for GTA 5 Support will be viable?   
    Thanks for the interest guys! We'll hopefully have something to talk about soon.
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    sjain reacted to Starmix in Hey - do you think a "Knowledge Base" section for GTA 5 Support will be viable?   
    That'd be interesting with things that have been taken from a platform like Discord, which has the RPH server, which tends to be the ooze of knowledge.
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    sjain reacted to DaYLi31 in vehicles.meta problem!!!   
    Yes i changed that and game is not "reading" this, game is still reading previous handlingid
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    sjain got a reaction from shadowdiver710 in Hey - do you think a "Knowledge Base" section for GTA 5 Support will be viable?   
    Same! It's also really fun for some reason.
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    sjain got a reaction from DoJoMan18 in My ELS lights is working in one way but not another please help!   
    If the above post doesn't work, try this:
    First, restart your computer.
    go to:
    Then right click on vehicles.meta and click "edit".
    Hold the CTRL key and tap F once. Then release CTRL.
    Type in the name of the vehicle slot you replaced with your modded police car.
    Scroll down till you find a line with diffuseTint in it.
    Change that whole line from whatever it is to:
    <diffuseTint value="0x00FFFFFF" /> Good luck.
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    sjain reacted to Albo1125 in When will Albo's callouts and plugins support RPH .52?   
    Select the latest version from the download list.
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    sjain reacted to CouthInk4 in Update issues   
    That is why. You need to update your mods folder. Did you create a mods folder for 1011? (the update before this update) If so you only have to edit two files in order for it to work add the two highlighted files to mods\update.rpf

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    sjain reacted to GameandChill in AI Police cars wont move when they are spawned in   
    Disable Never Wanted, Cops won't Dispatch, and Cops ignore player in your trainer.