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    LilQ reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.3 - Backup Customization   
    This is the second part of our LSPDFR 0.3 preview series.  For more information about the background behind 0.3, check out the first installment in this series here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/55130-lspdfr-03-announcement-first-preview/
    In spirit of keeping up to date with the most hotly requested features for future versions of LSPDFR, customization of responding police units simply had to be near the top of our list.
    LSPDFR 0.3 introduces an all-new Backup XML file which lets you customize, in great detail, just what kind of cops and vehicles LSPDFR should dispatch for each of the seven in-built backup types. (The eagle-eyed among you are probably thinking "but wait, there's only six types".  Not anymore!) 

    I like planes.  Now, LSPDFR likes planes too.
    The power of this new XML based system is absolutely unparalleled to anything we've ever had before in LSPDFR or LCPDFR, and also allows much, much more refinement than traditional .ini configuration files seen in other modifications like ELS.  Presented in the same sort of format as many of the data files in the original game itself, we hope it will be super easy to use, too.
    With this new feature, you can precisely choose:
    The vehicles that respond for each backup type (and you can have as many as you like). + Vehicle liveries (on a per-vehicle basis) + Minimum and maximum number of occupants (again, for each vehicle) The peds that respond for each type (again, as many as you please).+ Ped component models (for each ped) On top of this, you can do the above customization for each of the four distinct areas within the game:
    Blaine County North Yankton Los Santos Los Santos County That's right, this means you can now finally have different units operating all four different areas.  Plus, if you're feeling particularly adventurous you could actually think of each of these areas as being a different entity entirely with their own state, local, SWAT and air units.  There's really very little in terms of limits as to what you can do with this exciting new system.
    Oh yeah, it doesn't even end there either.  With 0.3, an all-new unit type has been added which, for the first time, lets you call for emergency medical services.  

    Furthermore, unlike the regular medics in the game, medical units dispatched by LSPDFR will actually attempt to treat injured pedestrians.
    Just one more thing...  As if completely configurable backup units and the new medics weren't enough, we also managed to make a few improvements to the way in which units arrive at backup requests.  This means you can have scenes that look almost like they're straight out of a cop movie, without the trainer.

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    LilQ reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.3 Announcement + First Preview   
    After a short break from the non-stop development of the first couple of versions of LSPDFR, we're really excited to officially announce the next installment in the series - LSPDFR 0.3.  As you might have come to expect, LSPDFR 0.3 takes strongly after its predecessors, introducing a big bunch of groundbreaking new features and gameplay.
    With actually only a few weeks of development, it is amazing how far this next version of LSPDFR has come, and the extent of fresh, new content and possibilities that it offers.

    You asked, we listened.  Arresting suspects has been drastically improved, especially with the brand new addition of interactive cuffing - no guns required! 
    With 0.3, we've taken the time to rebuild some of the core mechanics of the modification, particularly as it comes to arresting suspects.  With a brand new interactive system, you can now easily and seamlessly place stopped suspects in handcuffs.  The animations for this are incredibly fluid, as is the way in which the process works, with interactivity being a key component.  In 0.3, when you arrest someone, there's a very tangible feeling of control - a massive improvement from earlier versions where, due to a reliance on normal playback, it could often feel as though you had been taken out of the game as you waited for an animation to finish.

    The Vapid Police Interceptor makes its LSPDFR debut in 0.3.  Well, with our entirely new and seriously powerful XML based backup unit customization, so does every other vehicle (and ped) in your game too!
    We'll be sharing more about the features and changes in LSPDFR 0.3 over the next week or so, as we take a more in-depth look at what 0.3 brings to the table, including the full Downtown Police Station interior, amazingly improved interaction with suspects, and much more!
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    LilQ got a reaction from 19Legan81 in 3 Years of LCPDFR   
    Congratz !!! It's a great privelege to be a very small part in this comunity with you guys ! Still remember those first days, when your only options were frisking / arresting peds and calling back up AND that was awesome haha.

    Best of luck to LCPDFR developers !
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    LilQ reacted to Gr1mR33fer in SWAT Bust In   
    Complete waste of time and resources - that was just ridiculous for some warrants and Marijuana.
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    LilQ reacted to Ceril in Police patrol with partner on two bikes   
    "Hey partner, your gun is jabbing me in the back, could you move it..?"
    Partner: "Sure, but that's not my gun!"
    Yes i think you misunderstood :p
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    LilQ reacted to Sam in LCPDFR 1.0a Hotfix   
    We've released a hotfix which addresses many issues reported to us regarding LCPDFR 1.0.  In specific, this release includes multiple stability enhancements and some bug fixes.
    See '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> for a more detailed look at the changes, and to download the hotfix.  Note that the manual installation package has been updated to include the hotfix - you do not need to apply it if you are using the updated manual installation package.  Otherwise, simply download the LCPDFR 1.0a Hotfix file, and extract it to your GTA IV or EFLC root directory.
    As always, please report problems to us in the LCPDFR support section.
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    LilQ reacted to B-7 in 1.0 — why I'll never get back to 0.95   
    This could be a basic “thank you” post, but I want to write it.
    1.0 is laggy, baggy and freezy. Just any other major update of any software.
    But it finally made LCPDFR real.
    You don't need to kill a single suspect who held a gun, because he wan't surrender no matter what. You can taze him, then arrest. And colleagues won't kill him surrendering.
    No more you just kill suspects, no more accidents are nothing. Everything should — or, at least, could be reported.
    No more callout scenarios are straightforward missions. You never know what is waiting for you around the corner and what it'll turn to.
    It feels not like True Crime's rudimentary “street crimes”, but more like SWAT4 on the streets. It's the game I've seen in my dreams.
    Thank you. It's the best Chrismas and New Year present for me.
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    LilQ reacted to Sniper296 in Any1 else notice the 28 days sign next to LCPDFR possible clue ?   
    Now we are seeing timers?   Take a stronger dose of the drugs you received in the mail.
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    LilQ reacted to Sam in LCPDFR 1.0 - The Video Preview   
    Back in September we announced LCPDFR 1.0 to be released later this year and showed off a 10 slide preview of the core features with some commentary and analysis from both LMS and myself.  Today, in the spirit of Christmas, and because NB is such a Grinch and it will deeply upset him, we're pretty happy to be able to finally show off the next version of LCPDFR in all its glory in an action packed video preview.
    So here it is, a little present from the team to you.
    From all of us here, have a great Christmas and be sure to stay tuned over the next couple of days - business is about to pick up.
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    LilQ reacted to ineseri in GTAV PC   
    Checking R* Newswire (http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire). Nope. Nothing. Until then: No PC version.
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    LilQ reacted to MichaelV in why do all cvpis suck?   
    You came to the wrong neighbourhood.
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    LilQ reacted to AlconH in LCPD:FR 1.0 release date, and suggestions   
    @sergiyj, don't feed the troll. Lol :)
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    LilQ reacted to Hoffers in LCPD:FR 1.0 release date, and suggestions   
    You should probably remove the "Official" bit in your title. I came to this thread thinking it was Sam with an actual release date. 
    Very misleading.. 
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    LilQ reacted to Illusionyary in power went out for no reason   
    ...and the point of this topic is?
    They were probably performing work on the power-lines while everybody was supposed to be asleep.
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    LilQ reacted to Yard1 in Gta V Police Ai   
    Actually, I disagree. Police in GTA 4 doesn't have x-ray vison - I was able to successfully hide from them (I could even see them passing by!). Unless they bring the helis, that is.
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    LilQ reacted to Post Design in Gta V Police Ai   
    I saw that there was a discussion about the improved/lacked police vehicles in GTA V. Sure, the "ELS" system and
    the large choice of emergency vehicles is pretty impressive, but what I found even more impressive are the actual police themselves.
    I found officers with realistic patches(Sergeant, Lieutenant, etc.), bulletproof vests, better looking shotguns, a high school diploma,
    sweet looking holsters, better "NOOSE" (SWAT Teams), and more.
    The officer to the right (I'll call him Officer Buckley).
    Buckley has his hands on his equipment belt with his shades resting on his forehead. He looks more fit for duty then the cops from GTA IV in my opinion
    (Or any GTA game). He looks more stronger and more "serious"(But not too much, as this is a GTA titled game).
    There's also the addition of female cops into the GTA Series which is nice considering males aren't the only ones that carry the badge in real life.
    Some officers (Like the female officer in the middle) don't have a gun in their holster which is interesting to me.

    ​Officer Buckley's cousin, Officer Spence(Left), has something new to officers in the GTA Series: A patch.
    Spence's patch looks to be an "Officer III" patch, but I could be wrong. It also seems that cops were
    introduced into the world of texting in GTA V, as it is common to see officers (Like my pal Spence) on their iFruit phones.
    You can also find officers drinking a good cup of Bean Machine Coffee or smoking some Redwood Cigarettes.

    A thing that's not hard to notice are the random events/chases performed by the LSPD.
    I missed these from when I played GTA SA back when I still had a Playstation 2.
    These events involve gunfire, arrests, reckless driving, etc.

    The "NOOSE" (Or the LSPD SWAT) got a big uniform upgrade in GTA V.
    They look more realistic and don't look like the cheap, toy-like NOOSE in GTA IV.
    NOOSE Officers can also ride on the side steps of their Declasse Granger,
    enter the ground from helicopters via rope,
    and use fully automatic tactical weapons like in previous games.

    Things I've noticed in pursuits are that officers will actually try to ram you of the road.
    The nice thing about this is that they actually tend to ruin my escape a lot with this real life method.
    Also, road blocks will be called in(Police Transporter), officers will equip vests at 2 stars, air support will
    be called in at 3 stars, and the NOOSE will be called in at 4 stars.

    If you happen to "find" a dead civilian, and you call 911, a couple of LSPD officers will actually respond
    and sit around/investigate waiting for EMS (That is if the EMS respond. If not, call them) to arrive.

    If you loiter around officers for a long amount of time, they'll soon warn you. If you don't
    leave (You should) They'll open fire on you as they take their motto "Obey and Survive"
    very seriously. This is probably due to minutes in GTA V being shorter than real life
    minutes, making you stand in front of that officer for longer then it seems.

    The LSPD now search for you now instead of having x-ray vision and instantly knowing your
    location like in GTA IV. Each squad (1 squad = 2 officers), helicopter, NOOSE Unit, etc.
    Has a "cone" which is the area they're looking at to try and find you, the guy that just
    murdered some people. When 2 officers get into one squad (A car) they form one cone
    unlike when the two officers split up to form two smaller cones. The biggest cones I've seen
    are the ones the helicopters have which makes sense as they're in the air. The player can
    hide in dense bushes, tunnels, forests, behind buildings, inside buildings, on top of buildings,
    etc. Rockstar definitely improved the pursuit system in GTA V which makes it more intense and
    fun when being chased by the police. Just don't get chased in real life... 

    The police AI in GTA V have changed drastically. From more detailed uniforms to more sophisticated pursuits,
    Los Santos (And Los Santos County) has the best police force is the GTA Series yet. Let me know if I left anything out.
    Just like you, I can't wait until we're able to mod this amazing game.
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    LilQ reacted to Kane104 in KevinDV's Mods - Will we ever see them again?   
    You could say I'm done, you could say that I've had enough of this childish nonsense. I will say that I'm tired of it and I'm moving on.
    I make mods for fun as a hobby to occupy my spare time, its enjoyable and I consider it to be a creative activity. I don't make a profit from models that I create and released a substantial amount of that work unlocked. GTA-MC was not meant to compete with any websites, the goal was to have a website that is run by modders for modders that encouraged creativity and uniqueness. It was my home, I liked that website and became attached to it, I'm certainly not going to go anywhere else. I definitely won't support this site as I still have my suspicions that a staff member originating from here was involved in those attacks. As for the other sites, there's only GPM, but there's no denying that its dead site.
    I don't mind if people were to share my mods privately, but I won't allow them to be uploaded to any website. There's also no change regarding the unlocked models which I've released, they may still be used, but not re-uploaded in a standalone condition. Any future mods which I choose to do would most likely be uploaded to GTA4-Mods.
    With all of that being said, my obvious choice would be to leave. I'd just like to thank everyone that has supported me in the past, I wouldn't have been inspired to continue making mods if it wasn't for that support and feedback.
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    LilQ reacted to ineseri in Who Loves Cookies?   
    I love 'em. 
    <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script> function getCookie(c_name) { var c_value = document.cookie; var c_start = c_value.indexOf(" " + c_name + "="); if (c_start == -1) { c_start = c_value.indexOf(c_name + "="); } if (c_start == -1) { c_value = null; } else { c_start = c_value.indexOf("=", c_start) + 1; var c_end = c_value.indexOf(";", c_start); if (c_end == -1) { c_end = c_value.length; } c_value = unescape(c_value.substring(c_start,c_end)); } return c_value; } function setCookie(c_name,value,exdays) { var exdate=new Date(); exdate.setDate(exdate.getDate() + exdays); var c_value=escape(value) + ((exdays==null) ? "" : "; expires="+exdate.toUTCString()); document.cookie=c_name + "=" + c_value; } function checkCookie() { var username=getCookie("username"); if (username!=null && username!="") { alert("Welcome again " + username); } else { username=prompt("Please enter your name:",""); if (username!=null && username!="") { setCookie("username",username,365); } } } </script> </head> <body onload="checkCookie()"> </body> </html>
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    LilQ reacted to Darkangel in Show Off Your Fav. Police/sheriff Background Or Fire/ems!   
    I really like the police department skins by me, because there all different, no department around here has the same skin that looks a like.
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    LilQ reacted to Illusionyary in Show Off Your Fav. Police/sheriff Background Or Fire/ems!   
    The FPV. That is all.


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    LilQ reacted to Illusionyary in "new" Swedish Police Car   
    I'm not big on European police vehicles, however that thing looks really cool! 
    Not as cool as this though:

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    LilQ reacted to Sniper296 in GTA Policing Tools   
    GTA Policing Tools 1.1
    Changelog 1.1
    * Fixed language loader
    * Fixed non-loading models
    * Fixed typos
    * Added more installer logic
    * Seperated installer license pages
    * Added missing weaponinfo.xml

    Spotlight Spike strip Road flares Speed radar ALPR Download:


    XP users simply run the exe and follow the on screen instructions.
    Vista/7/8 users with UAC enabled(default) may need to right click the exe and click “Run as administrator” even if your account is an “administrator”.
    If you installed the alpha version follow the instructions in the spoiler below. I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY BITCHING OVER YOU NEEDING TO REINSTALL YOUR GAME BECAUSE YOU CAN'T READ!

    Known issues:
    Closing the game will give you this error:

    This is ignorable.
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    LilQ reacted to Sam in A blast from the past   
    I've always done all the logos and banners and such.   Any of them that feature cool images in them probably use Lil Q's pictures, I remember seeing his stuff for the first time and just being blown away by how awesome it was.   They're pretty much everywhere from the blue headers with titles where there's the lightbar in the right corner, to many of our old backgrounds, to crime stats signatures.
    I hope to get around to putting up a better history and about page sometime.  It'd be cool to explain the complicated origins of some things, like G17 Media and G17 from which it was derived, which actually goes back a few more years than LCPDFR itself and didn't even involve myself or anyone here when it did start.
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    LilQ reacted to Sam in A blast from the past   
    More visual treats for your viewing pleasure:





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    LilQ reacted to strike in Coolest Pictures of Police Vehicles   
    I was looking for a cool picture, taken during the 1992 LA Riots, of some LAPD officers riding a Ford LTD with the shotguns out of the windows, but seems it has been taken down or something because I can't find it anywhere and I'm pissed off...
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