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    CHP Polar Bear

    The texture for the spotlight is neat!
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    BCSO - Adams County

    Version 2.0.5


    A series of Blaine County Sheriff skins, loosely based off Adams County in Colorado. These liveries are at 4096x4096 (double) resolutions. The pack comes with traffic, supervisor and patrol skins, and also some stealth skins for slicktop units. I've been so busy I've decided to just release what I have done for the pack. I will update this when I have more free time. This is one of my favorite designs, and I want to make this a big back with lots of vehicles, but for now, this is what I have. This pack can be used with my EUP retexture that I've linked below: Installation instructions: Vehicles Used: Also NOTE: Most 2015 chargers by Gump and Ablaze will work, they have the same template. Any Carper/BxBugs 2014 Charger will work. Any BxBugs CVPI will fit, and there is also a DSF CVPI set of skins as well. I'm not sure where Maurice's Tahoe went, but if you have it, there ya go.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first ped re-texture, and I wanted to share it. The patches are hard to place, so they might still be a little wonky. Anyway, these textures add Paleto Bay officers to EUP. They are based off of Olanov's Tri-City officers specifically. I thought they went well with BxBugs' Paleto Bay liveries as well. It adds a short sleeve for male and female, a long sleeve with tie for male and pants for both. Please read the readme for installation instructions. I've also included edits of the livery for BxBugs' CVPI and Charger and Gump's COBRA Tahoe. DO NOT UPLOAD THESE ANYWHERE ELSE, OR WITHOUT MY PERMISSION EDITING IS ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE, DO NOT REUPLOAD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION Thanks to BxBugs and Alex for letting do some editing!
  4. Mikofiticus

    Lumpkin County/BCSO Mini-Pack

    Version 1.1.0


    A series of Blaine County Sheriff skins, based off Lumpkin County in Georgia. These liveries are at 4096x4096 (double) resolutions. Skins are all transparent, so the vehicle can be made any color the user chooses. Just change the vehicle color in the trainer that you use. This mini pack comes with marked liveries (with unique unit numbers) and a few unmarked variants to match. Installation instructions: Thanks to Illusionyary for the plates and for the sheriff star. Thanks also to Gump for the "thin blue line" plate and BxBugs for the inspiration of this mini pack Stick around for more projects. I've got a Paleto Bay back with matching EUP textures, another BCSO pack and also some vintage car liveries planed. DO NOT UPLOAD THESE ANYWHERE ELSE, OR WITHOUT MY PERMISSION EDITING IS ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE, DO NOT REUPLOAD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION The skin will fit any BxBugs CVPI, Blackjesus/Gump Tahoe and any BxBugs or Carperino Charger. Models specifically used are here:
  5. Version 0.5.0


    This is a retexture for the BCSO deputies for EUP. These aren't really based off any particular department, but I made them standalone in case you didn't want to use them with my matching BCSO pack. NOTE: I am releasing these as is, since there will be a huge update to EUP soon. I will come back and remake these when the update is released, but I will not be updating this pack. Please read the readme for installation instructions. **HEY! There is a typo in the readme, under the male shirtsleeve. You can just replace any of the jbib_004_?.ytd textures and it will work just fine.** DO NOT UPLOAD THESE ANYWHERE ELSE, OR WITHOUT MY PERMISSION EDITING IS ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE, DO NOT REUPLOAD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION
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    BCSO - EUP Retexture

    Something quite similar I did with normal peds.
  7. Mikofiticus


    I also live in Salem, and I know some Troopers, some don't care, but I can tell you is that the change is almost all due to cost. It was too costly to apply decals and pain the cars, since the color wasn't a factory color. The grey is a factory color and they can just choose it from the dealer. The grey is much MUCH harder to see in fog, and they have no reflective graphics. The blue was dark, but still worked because all the yellow (on the newer units) are reflective. Also, who cares if it's easy to spot, that's not the point of most of the trooper cars. It's the unmarks that are for traffic enforcement. My issue is primarily from a design perspective. If it really does save them around $500-800 per car as they said, then sure. Go for it, but the fact that it looks ugly, and has no reflective bits makes me worried. I just think it looks just abysmal. I'm not upset, I kid, but I'm just voicing my opinion. I'm not getting pissy over it. I just really loved the old design. That navy design is a big part of my childhood. I've gotten to meet a lot of trooper when I was a kid and I did a bunch of ride alongs. It was my dream as a kid to wear the Trooper uniform and drive a Vic with the Navy design. It's just an end of an era, so my rose tinted glasses get annoyed when they changed it, especially to a design that looks lazy, uninspired, and cold. To me, it's if the LAPD or something similar went to a bright baby blue design with comic sans.
  8. Mikofiticus


    Nope. Dis is better.
  9. Mikofiticus


    God what a shame. OR went from the best State design to one of the worst.
    I'm from Mac! You had a good start. The font, size and color are not quite there yet. Same with the "City of Los Santos" part, and that should be more spaced out. Mac doesn't use a white stoke for their letters, they acutally do a grey stroke, then a skinny black stroke over that. They barely do it for unit numbers. As for the rear, the Vics don't have "Police" written on the trunk, it's actually on the rear bumper, and their website on the trunk lid. You did okay with the seal, just make sure you don't squash it, it should still be a perfect circle. Good on ya for remembering that they don't have white roofs and pillars for the Charger and Explorer (and Caprice). They have the white tops on the Vic and Tahoe though. Also watch the angle you put for the door decals, some of them look too angled, like you slapped the photoshop group on the door without checking the template of the car for how the body is designed. It should look a little similar to this (minus the flag on the rear pillar, I wanted to add that) but this is generally closer. Trust me, Carper and I have spent hours on this getting it closer and closer. Carper's version is spot on. A good example of our unit getting worked on by Sirennet. Hope that helps! I don't mean to be mean, but it's my hometown! I gotta rep it good
  10. What a load of horseshit. Democrats never supporting law enforcement. What fucking world do you live on? Do you know how expensive it is to outfit every unit with M4's? Shotguns will do just fine in urban areas. There's a hell of a lot of cops in LA. Cali is already in a lot of debt, it kinda makes it hard when communities have a bad outlook on cops, it makes it hard to raise taxes to help the officers. Anyway, OriginalLight is correct. LAPD holds on to cars until they cannot physically run. They destroy cars with how hard they run them. As far as I'm aware, there's still some late '90s and early 2000s vehicles still in their fleet. They'll probably be one of the last departments to hold onto their Vics. They really dug the Vic platform, it makes it harder to get rid of them. From the LAPD standpoint, they still use the cars until they can't anymore, so they still had LTDs and boxy Caprice's when the North Hollywood shootout happened, and that was in '98 if I remember correctly. I've seen a few recent pics of early 2000s vics still being used by the LAPD. So they're definitely out there.
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    In the mountains' shadow

    I agree, B&W all the way
  12. Mikofiticus


    oh.my. i want dis. real bad. pls.
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    Website Problems

  14. Mikofiticus

    "Retro"Lightbar Pack

    Any chance on a SUV of some sort? Like a Tahoe? I like this pack, but I feel that's all that it's missing.
  15. Mikofiticus

    Final touches

    I dig this a lot. Pack? Pls?
  16. Mikofiticus

    LSPDFR 0.4 - The Technology

    It'd be interesting to know if since the AI is being reworked, if they'll be able to utilize all those alleyways and such that are in the city. I've always wanted suspects to really feel like they're trying to ditch me, rather than drive around the same block 100,000 times.
  17. Mikofiticus

    Blaine Sheriff Stealth Traffic Caprice

    Skin looks familiar :D
  18. Mikofiticus

    "It's That Shitbox Dodge Again!!"

    From the album: Law And Disorder: A Throwback To The LCPD

    I had to. Blues Brothers is my favorite movie of all time. I tried to get a few more shots (including some more cops) but an ambulance came through crashing into the cars and that caused my game to crash. Edited night shot below Spoiler
  19. Mikofiticus

    Got him in my sights

    Dat trigger discipline doe.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This retexture is for the deputies found in RDE. Huge shoutout to the RDE team for letting me upload these peds in full. This makes my job easier, as well as yours, so you don't have to fiddle with replacing textures and finding the peds. These peds were for my FiveM server, but I've decided to release them to the public. I highly recommend these peds with my BCSO pack: Just replace the female deputy (s_f_y_sheriff_01) and the male deputy (s_f_y_sheriff_01) as well as their pedprops. Some people use addons and whatnot, so replace if in the most recent folder where you have peds located. If you have RDE, I don't think you'll have to rename them, but if you want you can. DO NOT UPLOAD THESE ANYWHERE ELSE, OR WITHOUT MY PERMISSION EDITING IS ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE, DO NOT REUPLOAD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION Again, huge thanks to the RDE team for letting me upload these! Go check you RDE here: I will do the EUP versions to match at some point, I haven't played V (outside of FiveM) in a long time. I'll get to it eventually. CREDITS ---------------------------------- Peds by Yard1 Textures by Alex Ashfold and Alex Von Shep Contributer to models - Nailbiter Texture edits - Mikofiticus
  21. Mikofiticus

    State Trooper Peds in The Family RP server?

    The Oregon State Police one's? I'm not sure, it always bugged me that it still says Oregon on the patches. I've been wanting to release my retexture of the RDE ones, so I'll try and do that in the next day or two
  22. Mikofiticus

    Running Traffic