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    aciaca reacted to boxvader in ELS Lights Not Working   
    Does ELS load into the game properlly? Can you pull up the control pannel? Do only the headlights and tail lights flash on vehichles?
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    aciaca reacted to Kallus in How to upload file   
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    aciaca reacted to NefariousBonne in NefariousBonne & DukSezQuak's WIP Thread   
    The Sheriff pack released today, it contains a variant of the Stanier, and new to the table is the Landstalker, Fugitive, Contender and the Bison.

    The vanilla light setup is blue/blue, but also contains a red/blue option for those who want it. Additionally, DukSezQuak and myself have more stuff planned for the LSPD, and some fresh content that we'll touch upon (again) when more appropriate. We have a Discord server too if you want to chat with us, just throw me a PM.
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    aciaca reacted to gtapolicechief in OpenIV discontinued | Take Two claims game modding "illegal"   
    I have 2 things 
    New scripthook is out on there page :). Link: http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/
    Second on pcgamer.com found i a statement of rockstar games :)
    Link of statement: http://www.pcgamer.com/heres-rockstars-statement-about-take-two-shutting-down-gtas-openiv-modding-tool/
    And i hope i read it good. Rockstar Games support The Community :)
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    aciaca reacted to RyWilson in GTA V Buying   
    i will agree with Hustle!! the steam version is on sale and right now its your best bet!! get it while its cheap!! once you get it, let us know cuz me,  hustle, hystery, and billiarboy will all be around to help!! good luck and we hope to see ya on patrol soon!!
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    aciaca reacted to TheDivineHustle in GTA V Buying   
    Let's calm down gentlemen, we're all friends here that enjoy playing GTA V with LSPDFR. We can disagree but there's no need to attack each other! C;
    Purchase the digital steam copy of GTA V from G2A for approximately $30 and call it a day is what I say. If you have any questions feel free to ask here or shoot me a PM if you'd prefer privacy for whatever reason. 
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    aciaca reacted to billiarboy in GTA V Buying   
    I have both versions.The steam version is better and easier to mod.I can take the same steps on the retail version as I did  in the steam,and some things won't work.
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    aciaca reacted to MrPotato in -200   
    i just keep getting an error (-200) when im trying to update my charger
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    aciaca reacted to Sam in LCPDFR 1.0d Megathread   
    So, now that LCPDFR 1.0d has been released, I'm really keen to hear about everyone's experiences of it.  For 1.0d, one of the things I did was slowly work my way through the hundreds of topics in the suggestions forum, trying to figure out what you really wanted to see.  Of course, multiple partners seemed to top the list, so we've worked really hard to add them in - no small feat considering we only started work on that last month.
    With that being said, please use this topic to post any stories, screenshots or feedback you might have regarding 1.0d.  Please do not post support requests here (installation, crashes, etc.).  Asking for support regarding gameplay/new features (e.g. how do I get my partner to follow me in a car) is fine.
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