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    OfficerYi reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
    CHP Time #2
    Now with authentic Whelen Liberty lightbar
    P.S i know about foglights and some parts of pusbumper, its just a sketch, no more
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    OfficerYi reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
    "Stagger" antenna on the roof, I hope I expressed correctly.

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    OfficerYi reacted to Dmodder in [WIP] Bus Simulator V   
    Development is halting atm. cause of a bug inside rage plugin hook.
    Bus Simulator V
    - For Grand Theft Auto V -

    Did you ever wish that you were a bus driver... Yeah... Yeah you did, and that is now (or soon, depending on when you're reading this) possible within the big world of Grand Theft Auto V.
    So... You might ask. What can you even do in such a mod? Well, you guessed it... Drive buses! How cool is that? The first thing you do when you spawn in, as the excited player you are, is getting into a vehicle and rush to the bus terminal marked with a bus icon on the map, if didn't already know where it's at. When you have arrived and parked at the terminal's parking lot (becuse if you don't park your car it might get removed. Sorry about that), it's time to get on duty, much like the way that you go on duty in the LSPDFR mod. You just go to the entrance of the terminal, and press the End key, to go on or off-duty. As simple as that! You will now spawn in as a bus driver! Yes, we are almost there. The bus of yours, will be parked just outside, and is marked with a orange/yellow icon on the map. When you enter the bus, you will be meet by a menu, where you can choose your route! Right now there are only one route, but more will problably be added. And now... To the fun part... Driving the bus around on the route. Unfortunatly I'm not able to change the display at the top of the bus to say anything else than "DOWNTOWN", but that isn't really nessesary anyways. You will figure out the rest of the mod yourself, when you play it.
    Ohh.. And did i fail to mention that you can create your very own routes if you want to. Just copy the "plugins/bus simulator v/routes/downtown.xml" file, and change, add or delete more point elements in the xml file. You will figure it out. In the future there will be added a way to generate your own routes ingame. 
    Drive buses on routes           -  Picking up people.
              -  Get paid for your routes.
              - Time schedule. Do not come too late!
    Private people can hire the bus company. Drive the airport buses More to come...  
    Featues that might be comming:
    Drive Express Dashhound buses from bus terminal to Paleto Bay and such. Drive buses from the airport to the terminal. Take a ride on an AI controlled bus on local routes, express routes, etc. Thanks for all the great feedback and good ideas! :D
    Your ideas:
    If you have a function you would like me to implement in the final release of the mod, or just an idea you think would be cool, just write a comment down below. :)
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    OfficerYi reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
    ingame size of seat test
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    OfficerYi reacted to Virzza in 2011 California Highway Patrol Ford Crown Victoria   
    Hey there everybody,
    I am currently focusing my work on my 2011 California Highway Patrol Ford Crown Victoria.
    I plan on doing the following
    Add two working spotlights Add a Rockwell Collins iForce Add a Simple Watchguard Camera  
    Here are some screenshots from in ZModeler 3 - 

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    OfficerYi reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
    test of setina partition and small update for seats
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    OfficerYi got a reaction from TheRealM67v in LAPD Added New Vehicles To Their Fleet   
    The LAPD just announced that they are going to add 160 electric vehicles and 128 plug-in hybrids. They are leasing multiple Tesla Model S P85D and BMW i3 to add to their fleet. Thoughts?

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    OfficerYi reacted to ASTTrprDillon95 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    you still don't get what Kevin's trying to put through? It's not about the name. It's about time and effort invested into making these models that many of us feel there should be a lock feature. No one paid us to do any mods. All these mods done at our own time. Conversions I couldn't care less. it's about the time and effort invested in the scratch made parts and models. 
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    OfficerYi reacted to Kane104 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    Oh please, spare the goddamn lecture. Interpret what I said however you want, but indirectly those in support and fighting for the whole unlocked-only idea will be responsible for the modelers not releasing anything if the ability to lock doesn't materialize. Its not as if these debates and the stir caused by all of those supporting this idea has gone unnoticed, they will have an impact. Anyhow, I can't help for the fact that you always attempt to stick the blame on us without looking at the bigger picture first(not that I'm at all surprised by it).
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    OfficerYi reacted to Cj24 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    Nobody is pretending it's the same. It's a metaphor to explain people the purpose of locking. Many people believe by keeping files unlocked you have a lower risk of people misusing them, but the opposite is the case. Just because nobody would rip them now (and as I said before, very few people actually know how to rip), even more people can use it. And as soon as more people are able to edit and redistribute a model, more people try to put their own name in the credits.
    The question if everybody is happy with the choice of words of other posters is not exactly contributing to the question if permissions, credits, locked files or screenshots of unreleased cars are actually in favor of the community. I think it's becoming pretty obvious now that most modders here would like to make decision about locked files or permissions themselves.
    I also think it's interesting that people complain about unreleased mods being shown in screenshots, yet people are fine with YouTubers "alpha-testing" vehicles, that obviously are in early development. I've written earlier that I believe people try to create quality conversions instead of being fast, but some seem to be trying to get a vehicle ingame no matter what, just to post videos. It's an attitude I don't understand, if a modder knows there're other issues, why even bothering to get it ingame? I honestly don't understand why screenshots of (yet) unreleased cars are a problem, although screenshots of cars that aren't even completely converted are fine, even though they obviously can't expect constructive feedback at such an early state and just want to show off.
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    OfficerYi reacted to LMS in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    My personal opinion on this is that whoever makes something, should be allowed to say how it should be used. That this can not always be enforced is another story. But if people take proactive measures to prevent theft/editing/whatever, it is their right. I also sometimes decide to make it harder to translate my code back to source code and sometimes I released stuff without any protections or in source form. But that's up to me. Sure, there can be idiots hiding behind these "rules" and doing it only to tease people, but on the other hand, I personally never understood all the hype. It's just a model, it's not that it's a complete game changer or that it is completely unique in every regard and nothing else available. If it was a huge collection or in terms of coding a big modification, I could understand it a little bit better, but then again where is the point in working on such a big project without a community around it. Too much drama for something that doesn't happen that often and doesn't really have any effect.
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    OfficerYi reacted to Kane104 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    Please stop with the stupid generalizing. Obviously you live in your own world, the community is open. There's more than enough "crumbs" at your disposal if you're willing to put the effort into learning modeling. If you aren't willing to do so, then please stop whining about what you feel we should do and associating us with these idiotic generalizations you make.
    Oh, and while I'm at it, I'll surely remember never to release "crumbs" again. Obviously the lightbar models I released recently weren't good enough.
    If anything, your comparison is ridiculous. Companies exist primarily for one reason - to make money. We invest our own time in creating models that we release publicly for the sake of making the game better and more enjoyable for others, its not something we get paid to do.
    In the end, those who support the stance on unlocked-only models will undeniably be the ones depriving the community. The fact of the matter is that none of us are going to be forced to release our work unlocked and inevitably the community will be losing out in the long run. Yes, we make mods for people to use and enjoy in their games, but we don't invest hours of effort into the making of unique mods just so that others can edit and redistribute them as if it were Ebola.
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    OfficerYi reacted to Cj24 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    There's one main difference between movie producers and modders: Money. Movie producers are not going to stop creating films because they simply wouldn't earn money then.
    Apart from that, it's actually not that different. They have many different ways to protect movies. YouTube's Content ID system usually blocks movies automatically, DVDs have copy protections and region limits. They actually have so much influence on politics that movie piracy can get you in jail. They do complain about illegal uploads, and so do modders complain about wrong credits or missing permission.

    So far, locking models was pretty safe. Again, very few people managed to rip unlocked models and then actually took the time to convert them into IV again. It wouldn't even make sense for many models, since you can just convert them from other games without ripping in many cases.
    Of course just keeping everything unlocked would prevent ripping, but that's useless. Sure, nobody will rip anymore, but that's just because they can take it anyway. You don't leave your door unlocked either to prevent people breaking in. It's even easier to steal something that way, same with locked models.
    Since it seems like many people don't know it yet: Oleg posted that he is considering an option to prevent re-import. It would not be titled locking, since he doesn't want to give a false feeling of safety. We don't know if people release unlockers, we don't know if there'll be tools apart from ZModeler. Locking worked pretty well in IV, since most people just didn't know how to rip. Simply saying locking has no use and therefore nobody should even try it is the wrong approach in my opinion.
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    OfficerYi reacted to 0taku in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    I've released a fair amount of both locked and unlocked files. And I find that what people take is what they need. So if someone wants a 2015 charger they will find one and use it,even if the have to crack it.
    But we should be able to still have the choice to lock files. I know a fair few modders who have bought (my self included) 3d models hand covered them to gta, and who have spent ALOT of time getting working only to see it spam the downloads section (it dose happen, remember the Dodge dart?)
    I bought the go-4 model, which gave me the right to use it how I please (it did say it). Now when I make convert this for V I would like the option the lock the model if I want to.
    Both partys can be at fault here, we both need to change our attitude about how we look at the mods
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    OfficerYi reacted to Fartknockr in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    Normally, I don't ever reply to these topics or any topics unless they are requesting help. 

    I really do NOT understand why people keep doing these stupid topics with their opinion.  NOBODY actually cares what YOU think. All they care about is what they think and what they want to happen. Making a topic and starting a flame war has absolutely no resolvement in the debate about whether or not Zmod3 should have a lock feature for V. We had the option to lock in Zmod2 for IV. There is absolutely no difference between then and now. All that is different, is people becoming with more greed because of the more Development Resources that the community has released. Mostly people are bitching because they don't want to wait several years after the release of V to have a vast amount of DEV parts as there is available for IV now, after several years. NOBODY had to release any development parts for IV, yet they did. People will do the exact same thing now with V. 

    Whining and Bitching to people about wanting things unlocked/given to you, will get you nowhere. It actually shows the modelers who happen to make these things, especially the DEV Parts how childish the community is. All you guys are doing is whining until mommy and daddy gives you what you want, or not at all and the arguments and tantrums still continue until you find something else to whine about. Either way, you move on. It's life. It's the modelers choice as to whether or not they decide to release anything unlocked or not; However, complaining about locked models, makes the modelers who do release quality mods, either not want to release it no matter what(locked or not), or never as a DEV part, and especially not here on LCPDFR since it's not supported. 

    If that's not good enough for you, put it this way: Just tell LCPDFR to release LSPDFR unlocked as open-source. Apparently everything for V should be unlocked, right? LSPDFR is for V. ...................... Exactly, they won't. Why? Because they took the time to create something of quality and wish to preserve it for the community they wish to keep it on. It's their choice as to whether or not they release it with open-source for the community. Again, they won't. Too many people would steal it and take complete credit for by making some single small minor change to it. 

    I'm on both sides of the fence; however, I'm more for the support of locking for V. I will not release any vehicles for V until there is support to lock. I've made over 60GB worth of skins. I'm not ever going to release anything because of the community wishing to steal and claim as their own although the issue gets taken care of quickly if it does happen (which is a lot, not surprisingly). I can see where people want access to wonderful mods that have been released, I'm the same way but I understand when someone wants it locked to prevent ripping and stealing. 

    In summary, quit the bitching and whining. It's not going to get you anywhere nor is it going to persuade the authors who create phenomenal mods, to ever release unlock. In the end, it'll actually make them release locked, no DEV parts, or nothing at all.  I'd rather enjoy something of great quality that is locked than something of shitty quality that is unlocked. 
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    OfficerYi reacted to Thehurk in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    I've been on both standpoints of this argument. Before i got into modeling, i didn't care that a car was locked or not, i didn't see it as the creator being an egotistical prick, i saw it as them sharing their creation and allowing for people to learn how to do what they do by just looking at it in openIV, and for the people who don't care about that, for them to just use their creation in game.

      I don't understand why people are taking modders not wanting to pretty much giving out their work without wanting to. If i wanted to give out the GT500 i recently converted, then i would. If i wanted to give out lightbars and stuff like that, that i made, then i would. 

      I've posted my feelings about this before, I don't see a reason why a lock filter shouldn't be put on zmod3, Its the same as zmod2, where if you really want a car that another person has, you can rip it. It has been treated really well in this community where rippers get shunned, and removed from websites because if a person releases a file locked, they don't intend on letting people have access to the development of it, they just want to share their creation with the community, get feedback on their model, then improve their skills for their next public release. 

      Hystery, you insult modders who only want to release locked models, but what happens if you go and spend 7 hours making a vehicle, lightbar, etc, and you want to have it be exclusive, you want to release it locked so people can use it in their game but not have it to use on their vehicles. You're not going to go and release it saying "You may not use any parts on this vehicle on any other release." People aren't going to listen to you, they are going to do what they want because they now have access to your unlocked file. There is a large satisfaction about releasing a file, that you spent so goddamn long on and people giving you feedback, whether it be good or bad. 

      Having no lock filter on Zmod3 will take away from people doing DEV releases. When I see people doing DEV releases, i think its awesome people do that. They do that because they WANT to release it to the public, to see people have access to their hard work. 

      Theres a part of this argument that you can't talk about if you haven't ever done dev releases or made a release that you spent a day and a half on. There is a portion that is also up to a persons view on the community, that it should be open, that everyone's files should be open to development by anyone and everyone. My view is that people should have to work for their files, their stuff like that. I worked my way up to what i have now, the skills i've developed and the parts i've acquired. Hell, i have no problem helping out a new person eager to learn about zmod, or how to model, ill even give them some of my stuff that i've made or converted to just get them started. 
      All in all, this is just my feelings on the topic. There wasn't an issue with the community before, with a lock feature, people did DEV releases or just gave out their stuff if they so wanted to, so why now does this need to change? We were a happy family before. 

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    OfficerYi reacted to Cj24 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    It would be absolutely useless to give up locking just because 0.1% of the people in the community know a way around it. Why do people lock their cars? Because they don't want other people to take their credit. If people respected the modders and nobody ever posted wrong credits, there would have never been a reason to need a way to lock cars. I can live without locking, but I sure don't mind modders who rather not just rely on people crediting them. And before the debate about whether credits are useful or not: If you want to use a converted car but without having to post credits, you'll have to convert it yourself. It's as simple as that.
    You obviously won't just use vanilla models. Most modders I've been talking to have not even started creating vehicles for V, mostly because ZMod3 is much more expensive. I know a lot of people are currently converting the CVPI from DSF, but it's just going to take time. The community has always been in competition, people were always trying to create new, better mods. This time, I guess, many people are going to want to have the best conversion. And in my opinion, that's better than everybody wanting to be the first one.
    Honestly, so far the only people I've seen complain about locking do not create new content themselves. Almost all of them never modeled anything, most of them don't even know how to convert anything. Yet they demand access to everything else. That's an attitude many modders can't stand at all, and I can't blame them.
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    OfficerYi reacted to TGM in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    (excuse the empty quote box, I can't seem to get rid of it)
    Just because we aren't releasing things doesn't mean that we "aren't helpful". Learning is taking the time to research into the topic, rather than being handed a model saying "Here. Take it and put it in ZModeler, wow you've learned a lot". There should be a locking function for those who want their work to be locked, there will always be somebody who released their stuff unlocked because there are those that do it today. Why do you seem to think that a lot of modders will have "tons of models in their hands without knowing what to do with them"? What is that supposed to mean, I don't quite understand what you mean. Simple as this, the modders don't get a lock function, most of them won't release their stuff. I don't see why you complain about people showing screenshots of their work because they aren't releasing them, can they not display what they've been working on? As I said, why do so many people act hungry for these mods? Have patience, people are still figuring out how things work in V. Modders aren't robots.
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    OfficerYi reacted to Cj24 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    You really believe nobody is releasing because everybody wants locked mods? The export filter for V was just released, everybody is still trying to figure it all out. It's a new game, a new programm and there're new issues. Many different people from many different communities are trying to convert cars currently. I never got so many messages from people asking if they can convert something like I did in the last few days.
    You complain about people not releasing yet you say people shouldn't release anymore? Apart from that, I'm not really sure what you could gain from releasing, or what you can lose by deciding not to release something.
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    OfficerYi reacted to Kane104 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    Yes, its obviously very childish to quote and address someone...
    Yes, you want. You want, you want, and you want. The community is very open to those wanting to learn, indeed, but not to those trying to force and demand from a minority.
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    OfficerYi reacted to TGM in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    I am trying to convey my points to you, not trying to be childish but show you my reasoning of belief of a locking system. Unfortunately, by making a modding community open it can cause problems mentioned by others. I've tried to stay mature the whole post and I really don't think accusing me of being childish will get your point very far. When I was quoting you, it was just an easier way to point out what I was replying to. Using childish as a last resort isn't the best idea, either.
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    OfficerYi reacted to TGM in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    Yes it is. It's a reason that a lot of modders want the option to lock our files. How would you like to paint a beautiful piece of artwork, and have somebody do a bunch of changes to it? Some of us like to preserve our work and keep it in a state the way it was intended to be.
    Locking in ZModeler 2 was permanent. It's external software that people use to extract the 3D model.  
    As stated before, any member of the community (even you!) can learn how to make your own mods your way. That's one of the contributing factors of why I starting making my own mods.
    It's not all about credit, you see. Credit is a major factor in the role of modding. How is it childish to want your work locked as I said, in a way to preserve it from the way it was intended? I assume it's childish to lock my doors as well, isn't it.
    Not a problem, however it's kind of weird that somebody who doesn't model, make car model mods, or anything of that sort wants us to released our models with no locks. It's simple, we don't want our work edited, and I see a lot of people say that if you don't want it ripped or stolen then don't release it. So most of us take screenshots of it, and yet people start to hate on it as well? That makes no sense.
     I say it again, it's not about thieves but also mostly preserving our work. I'm speaking on behalf of most of the community. You do realize that we don't always bitch about thieves, right?
    I guess everyone is different in the sense of their work, work ethics and so on. Myself I wouldn't want to see people stealing my stuff. I take pride in my work and want to share it in with the community in a format that can't be edited.
    Nobody acts like "brats". I still don't understand why it seems like you have this vendetta against people who work with vehicle models who choose them to be in a locked format.
    I like getting feedback from other who see my mods in the community, it seems like all of the people who are pushing for people to release their stuff is impatient. Take a break from the community, come back and maybe people have found a way to resolve something with a way to release their files. Nobody will be pushed around by a consumer of modifications just because the consumer wants it. For now, you'll have to be patient for it, not hard. 
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    OfficerYi reacted to Cj24 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    It often just doesn't work. There're always people who purposely don't give credits. There're always people who upload a model without or only very slight changes just to have their name next to it. It ends up on many different websites, sometimes for many different games. Since there're almost no people who are able to rip models, you're easily able to prevent that by locking them.
    If you just comment to correct credits, people are going to complain, you should rather write a private message or report it. Either you take the time to do it properly (which is annoying) or you leave it, and most people are not going to choose the second option. But constantly having to look through different websites to see if somebody missed credits is not really an option either.
    I agree, if it all worked it would be great. Most people don't want that to work, though. Sometimes there're people who just want their own name in the credits and ignore everybody else and sometimes there're modders that simply don't want their parts released unlocked. Unless you say everybody totally ignores credits, it's never going to work. And let's be honest, how many modders are going to do that?
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    OfficerYi reacted to Cj24 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    I did write try to force. It started especially after Iconography's (now removed) status, who wrote LCPDFR.com will never accept locked models for V. Even though that status is gone, many people are acting like modders who lock their models are the devils within the community. Just look at the comments of Bugs' three latest pictures.
    I'm afraid I'm the wrong person to ask this because I don't require people to ask me for permission. Most of the cars I've converted or the parts I've created have been released unlocked. Either I, or somebody else released it. There're so many unlocked models available right now, I really don't even understand why people are complaining. It's not like it was four or five years ago, when the only unlocked car was a Charger. Yet, back then, nobody complained.
    It's simply not possible to release everything unlocked. As soon as you use any part from Bxbugs, you have to release it locked. As soon as you use a private model somebody sent you, you have to release it locked.
    I think credits are the least that's expected anywhere. I really don't know any other game where it's not absolutely normal to credit other people. In most games however, you simply don't use models created or converted by ten different people.
    I agree with that. It's hard to know if a model is ever going to be released, though. You could run into problems (for example good old RC20) or simply lose interest. Just because there're screenshots of a mod, it doesn't have to be finished.
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    OfficerYi reacted to Cj24 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    Absolutely right. But as I said, it won't suddenly turn the community into a better place. People will still restrict the use of their models as much as they did before, it's just much easier to ignore any restrictions now. The current debate isn't any different than other discussions we had in the years before. Some people say modding needs to be completely open source, others don't.
    R* clearly stated they don't mind any form of single player modding. Apart from that, EULAs can be limited by national laws and aren't necessarily obligatory. That's not exactly the point of this discussion, though.
    Rockstar's problem is GTA Online. And just because they can't get rid of cheaters in multiplayer, modders should just accept everything either? A game developer is getting money for releasing a game, all a modder gets is feedback, if you're lucky it's positive. If you're unlucky, people will start a discussion if you're egoistical for converting a car to GTA V but not releasing it immediately, although it's simply not complete.
    There're bad people everywhere, but just sharing everything won't help. You don't just give away your belongings to make sure nobody's able to steal from you. Why should every modder do that then?
    The point for many modders is not whether we're able to lock models or not - it's that people try to force them to release their mods in a certain manner only because they believe it may help the community.
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