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  1. While we all patiently wait for 0.4, what custom agencies do you guys plan on having in your game? I'm looking forward to use small town police departments like Paleto and Sandy Shores as well as custom liveries for the sheriff units based on their area within LS. This is probably my favorite part of the update.
  2. Agreed, there is a huge gap in the market for an open world police sim and it's a bit sad that there are very few games centered around law enforcement. Hopefully 0.4 will be a leap forward for the mod.
  3. I'm really looking forward to see how big of an update this will be on release and how much it's going to change and add things, the reworked AI and the ability to customize agencies that actually patrol their own jursidictions have got me hooked. Saves me from downloading extra mods.
  4. I will admit I've taken a really long break from LSPDFR and modding in general after losing some interest and lack of updates but 0.4 will indeed get me playing again. There are many things in life to keep you busy while we wait, I would rather have a fully working 0.4 than one riddled with bugs and game breaking mechanics. As frustrating as it can be, patience is a virtue.
  5. After a long break away from LSPDFR and modding, I'm looking forward to get back into it again once 0.4 is released. I can't wait to setup my own law enforcement agencies and their jurisdictions, it seems a lot of the things that I wasn't happy about with 0.3 appear to be addressed with this version. It would also be interesting to see how the add-ons and plugins are updated to run with 0.4.
  6. Hopefully with 0.4 we won't have to use as many add-ons and callouts as the new features and changes will more than make up for it.
  7. I'll admit, recently I've lost interest in LSPDFR due to frustrating things like incompetent AI and lack of variation in pursuits. However, this does look like a promising update and it makes me want to play it again. I also hope you've addressed the annoying issues in 0.3 like the AI doing u turns on highways and accidentally triggering a pursuit with a random civilian while there is one already active.
  8. Same can be said for the UK, a lot of forces are replacing their traffic vehicles with 330d and 530d Estates and the new X5 just to name a few which I would assume are for space and storage reasons. The traditional force livery is being replaced with the battenberg which has now become the standard nation wide livery for economical and safety reasons.
  9. Certainly makes a nice change from all of the negative articles we've heard about LSPDFR in the past. Congratulations on being featured, a really good story to read.
  10. Will we be able to see a video preview of the new pursuit AI in action or will it just be screenshots? Looking forward to see how much the AI has changed in this version, a competent AI will be a game changer for sure.
  11. There's nothing more annoying as well when dealing with a suspect and you press B on the controller to leave the menu but your character knocks them out in the process.
  12. So I've done a bit of more research and suppose you could try these: 1: Remove ScriptHook completely, will Rage Hook work without it? Ensure your game only loads the LSPDFR plugin on startup by updating the Rage Hook "startup.rphs" file and disabling other plugins on startup. 2: If #1 does solve the issue, re-install scripthook using the latest version. If you haven't already, I also recommend installing Albo's common dll which can be found in the misc section under downloads if you set filter to 'most popular downloads'. 3: Have you added Rage Hook and GTA 5 to the exceptions in your firewall? Will it work if you disable your antivirus? 4: Just to clarify, have you set admin permissions for both Rage Hook and GTA 5? Good luck.
  13. Couldn't help but bring this video up after reading through this thread, perhaps people could gain another perspective from it. Unfortunately this is a cycle of violence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3VQULyT390 Isn't this the US equivalent of terrorist attacks that are ochestrated throughout Europe every once in a while? Maybe, or maybe not.
  14. You could try this. Under advanced settings, untick "Enable custom backgrounds for loading screen" and "Disable DirectX Hook". This will match the settings I use for my Rage Hook and you can report back and see whether or not this solves the issue. If by chance it does, you may enable custom backgrounds if you want them or not. Could you also list what command line switches you have enabled under "game settings"? Are you running Rage Hook through windowed mode?
  15. I'm not sure this is the best place to post support for Rage Hook as there is a separate forum for it on the author's website. You could have a look on there and see if somebody has already posted a solution for it. I have not seen this error before however I will do my best to help. If possible, could you post a screenshot of your GTA V directory showing where you have installed Rage Hook? Could you also list what your advanced settings are and what your game settings are under 'command line switches' as that could help us identify what is causing the error. Just in-case you don't know how to access this, launch GTA V with Rage Hook as normal and there should be a grey options icon next to the red x icon which will open the settings window. Here are a few things you could try: Does this error occur with previous versions of Rage Hook? Have you made sure your GTA V folder has full admin permissions? Even if Rage Hook does, it might be an idea to check. Locate where you have installed GTA V and right click on the 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder -> Properties -> Security. Ensure your user account has full control.
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