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  1. That would indeed explain why my game has been crashing at times. Stop the Ped it is then. I am guessing this is kind of a successor to Arrest Manager, or at least something very similar. I shall try without it. My next thing is to get EUP into my game and Open IV so as I can start using some nice vehicle mods and uniforms. Thanks for all your advice guys, and thanks @sssneakyfor carrying out tests on these mods. I really appreciate that. It's been a massive help in me deciding which mod I am going to use out of the two. As I have just said Stop The Ped will be the mod I use. Thanks again guys. Kind regards. Edit: I nearly forgot to mention, although it is slightly going off topic as far as this thread is concerned. Feel free to PM me, however, I use an XBox controller extensively with a lot of games on PC, including GTA5/LSPDFR. I am trying to find a decent(ish) set up for button bindings for the various actions. I do plan on using the keyboard for certain actions, but plan on using the controller for driving and a lot of other functions of LSPDFR. Not sure what you guys think. As I say feel free to PM so as this thread remains on topic, or closed seeing as I have now decided on which mod I am using.
  2. Awesome, thanks @sssneaky for your advice, and thanks for replying to my post so swiftly. *Thumbs Up*
  3. Hey all, I have just taken the plunge and finally updated to 0.4 from the previous version. I have installed all that works, big thanks to Albo and Benzo for the awesome tutorials. Like others I keep getting the conflict between Arrest Manager and Stop The Ped saying it could cause duplication or conflicts. Are both really required? Or can I get away with using one? I have also read somewhere that if I use PoliceSmartRadio then that is kind of a work around so as I can use both. I am unsure as to which plugin to use as I think both are awesome. What would you guys advise? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Kind regards all.
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