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  1. lamping1990

    My stance on OPENIV

    i second this decision, and i to will not stand down to taketwo interactive
  2. you did a very nice job on the chevrons, keep up the good work
  3. lamping1990

    Liberty County Sheriff's Office [Original]

    lol, that is so Yakima County Sheriffs Office, WA
  4. lamping1990

    >Post your local PD/FD/EMS pics here<

    howdy ryan, what part of washington are you from, im from the southwest corner :D
  5. lamping1990

    Washington State Patrol Inspired Mini - Pack [ELS]

    @thegreathah here you go, here is the accurate lights. as far as colors go and the accurate flash pattern,
  6. lamping1990

    Washington State Patrol Inspired Mini - Pack [ELS]

    fix the lights to the real WSP Light colors
  7. lamping1990

    1970 Mack R 3000Gal Pumper Tanker

    to be released at a later date, still work in progress
  8. lamping1990

    Pierce Quantum Rescue ELS Compatible

    wait Klamatha National Forest as in Oregon?
  9. lamping1990

    2008 Gillig Advantage Transit Bus WIP

    working on making a new City Bus for the Los Santos Transit System, This Bus is a 2008 Gillig Advantage Low Floor Bus, with the Kneeling System, however due to gta physics the bus does not kneel, lol but here is a preview of the bus, this is still a wip so please ignore the wheels being screwed up, the following variants its in right now are Intercity Transit-Olympia WA, Grays Harbor Transit-Aberdeen, WA, Mason Transit-Shelton, WA. let me know what you all think.
  10. lamping1990

    Pierce Quantum Rescue ELS Compatible

    i have a cab for that, if you can get me accurate dash pics i would be more then happy to make it for ya :D
  11. lamping1990

    2017 Ford F150 Raptor with HD interior

    Him Maybe you should go back and Practice what you Preach, and leave Fellow Modders Alone with your Criticism, its bullshit and not needed, these people try and do there best to provide for the gta community, yet assholes like yourself come in and shame them, i have personally seen your models @Him1250 and Yes you Have not Given the Proper Credit Either, so before you start coming in here and Bitching/Moaning about Credits you need to go back and fix yours, another words Practice what you preach. The @Thehurk is the same way so its not just you him, its just the attitude from some of the other "top modders" that have an arrogant assholish attitude, that should not be tolerated.
  12. lamping1990

    Blaine County Rescue Squad INC.

    hey doughman, what program did you use to make the fire station, im wanting to make one for sandyshores area that looks like this would this be possible with the editor you used?
  13. lamping1990

    Anyone from Oregon?

    im close enough to Oregon, deep southwest washington lol, Lewis County, howdy neighbors :D