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    Dispatch15 reacted to strike in GTA V Gameplay Mod Wishlist   
    Well, if there was a bus driver mod there should be a mode where you couldn't drive slower than 50 mph, you know, like in that movie, The Bus That Couldn't Slow Down.

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    Dispatch15 got a reaction from Mikofiticus in Taking Vehicle Request. (May Vary)   
    Yes those Hawaii Five-0 vehicles should definitely be made. Also, if you think it can be done, I would like to see an unmarked/detective's ford fusion made.
    Something like this:

    (dash light shown at 1:48)
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    Dispatch15 got a reaction from ConstableSly in ELS V8 arrowboard   
    This is one of the many great features of ELS 8, it brings a lot of exiting possibilities to vehicle modifications.
    Can't wait to see more uses of this feature. 
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    Dispatch15 got a reaction from Freakinfuzzball in Slicktop Caprice's   
    If you are going for an unmarked vehicle with substantial lighting you could add pit bumpers.