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Search Warrant not working

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I recently installed Search Warrant and it worked. Then I installed Agency Callouts and I must've done it wrong because it caused LSPDFR to crash, so I removed Agency Callouts and then opened LSPDFR again, and Search Warrant didn't work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Search Warrant but it still did not work. I may have made a mistake when installing or uninstalling Agency Callouts, but I have several other mode and they all work fine, including LSPDFR. 

Any help would be appreciated, if someone can figure out what's wrong from my no doubt confusing explanation.

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I tried reinstalling Darkmyre's plugin needed for their scripts, it's possible the file in the download itself might be out of date, I don't know for sure. There's other places to find the DarkmyreAPI. Sorry if this isn't much help; I don't really know why it just seemed to start working. I had to fiddle with it a bit.

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