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Car headlights and Initiate Traffic Stop same button

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I have ELS installed alongside LSPDFR and drive with a PS3 controller. 


When performing a traffic stop I need to press the X button to initiate the stop however this is also the key that is bound to headlights so when I initiate it my headlights turn off.


Is there a way to rebind the headlight button on my controller or just leave it blank? I hardly ever switch them on or off anyway and think the traffic stop should take priority. 

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23 hours ago, Phaxol said:

This mod is what you are looking for I believe:



Set #1 looks like the one for me. I'll give it a shot - Thanks!


edit: no such luck. Messed about with it for a while but even when I unbind the headlight it doesn't want to work - Even the sets don't correspond with the same button. 

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