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Medical Calls

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Does anyone know if there is a callout pack out or that is under development including medical calls? Not as a paramedic, but now that Stop the Ped Menu has integrated CPR, I think it would be fun to get dispatched to say a Man Down from Unknown Causes. EMS would already be rolling but you would get there before them and would have to check for a pulse, respiration rate, etc. If there's no pulse, begin CPR and maybe integrated into the pack would be the ability to carry an AED/Defibrillator in your vehicle. If they are responsive, figure out what happened, gather all needed information and stay with them until EMS arrives.


I feel like this would add even more realism and insight into what kind of calls officers get dispatched to IRL.

Thanks in advance for any references 🙂

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I've added a "heart attack" callout to GrandeCallouts, my WIP callout plugin. It integrates with Better EMS and is rather bare bones since that is what the plugin aims for. You can do things such as CPR while waiting for medical to arrive. Screenshot with Better EMS enabled:




This might not be exactly what you're looking for, but it may be worth checking out.

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