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[WIP] PursuitDeterrenceRewritten

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PursuitDeterrenceRewritten is an LSPDFR plugin based on PursuitDeterrence which adds some additional functionality and optimization. This includes further dividing the result into: the driver surrendering, the driver bailing/fleeing, or the driver attacking on scene law enforcers.  This plugin will also allow AI officers to issue pullover orders, compliant with the effects of this plugin. Although no code was used, credit goes to tanu1215 for the original PursuitDeterrence plugin for LSPDFR.


Main Features:

Ability to set chance for the suspect surrendering, fleeing, or attacking on scene law enforcers.

Ability to set chance for the suspect to stop their vehicle, and perform an above action.

Ability for AI to issue pullover orders to fleeing suspects, compliant with the above stipulations.


Current Prerequisites:

LSPD First Response 0.3.1 - The base LSPD First Response modification is required for use.

RAGEPluginHook 0.51+ - This plugin will only work with RAGEPluginHook 0.51+ or above.

Legal version of Grand Theft Auto V - This plugin will only work with legal copies of Grand Theft Auto V.


Compatible Plugins:

I believe that good plugins should be compatible with any variety of additional scripts. All plugins listed here are optional, meaning this plugin will work without them. Some functionality may not be offered without these plugins, however.



Additional Features and or Things To Brag About:

Smart Exception Handling: A majority of possible exceptions will be caught by the script in the event that they do occur. Where possible, exceptions will be recovered from. For all exceptions (even those not caught locally), a variety of exception information will be printed to the RAGEPluginHook log file. Some exceptions can not be recovered from.

Configurable Settings: Self explanatory and expected. There are some settings you can configure, such as what chances for different actions, enable status for AI/Player, maximum distance for orders to reach, whether or not the law enforcer must be in a police vehicle to issue orders, and more.

Minimal Performance Impact: This plugin is designed with performance and CPU use in mind. Separate threads are used where applicable, continual processes are only run when necessary.

Hopeful Consistency: My goal is to keep this plugin consistent where possible.


What I Want From You:

What do you want to see from a plugin such as this? Do you have any ideas for additional features? Are there any released plugins that could add additional functionality (note: these plugins must provide sufficient APIs)? 


Release Date:



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