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Dx issue

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So After Hurricane Florence my laptop was Acting strange it wasnt damaged in the storm however my games stopped playing due to a DX issue it kept saying this (pic below) and i went on youtube and on rph Discord  the people weren't giving me a answer and it pissed me off they we're answering everyone elses questions but my own now i been on here since 2016 i believe but i want to know if someone who's had the same issue before can help me with this PLEASE ...at times it will play and at times it will Say whats in this picture and i have tried to restart and i tried to update drivers unfortunately i have the latest unless something else is amiss PLEASE HELP thank you 


P.S. if this is on the wrong forums admins then please move it to the proper one as im assuming this was the right one 

Screenshot (3).png

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Go to Steam > SteamApps > Common > GTA V > _CommonRedist > DirectX > Jun2010 > DX Setup  <<<<< Run this file
-Restart PC-

Also please list your processor/ram/graphics card

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