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Modern OPP Pack!

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Hello Everyone, 


I was wondering if anyone is creating or would like to create a modern Ontario Provincial Police pack? I know there are packs out there but they really aren't up to par or they haven't been updated in a while. I don't really know why there isn't really a good OPP pack out there since it is one of the biggest police services in Canada and also I think it would be an interesting pack to make. If anyone is up for the job let me know. I can get you some videos of OPP cruisers to use a reference.


Here are some of the vehicles I would love to see:


2015 Charger Marked and Stealth

2015 Tahoe Marked and Stealth

2013 Taurus Marked and Stealth

2015 Suburban K-9 Unit

2016 Ford Explorer Marked and Stealth

2013 Ford Explorer Marked and Stealth

2011 F-250 Marked and Stealth


Thanks guys hope to hear some feedback!  

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