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Custom Backup by PNWParksFan

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Hello everyone,


I had few questions about the Custom Backup plugin by @PNWParksFan.


Is there a way to:


1) hide a default LSPDFR backup entry such as Ambulance from showing up on the CustomBackup main menu? I tried to hide it using the mainmenu="false"> in the XML file but no luck.

2) reorder the backup sections such as putting Noose SWAT first on the menu etc? It does not seem to follow the same sequence as I put in the XML.

3) configure which keystrokes are sent when opening the CustomBackup menu and hiding the default LSPDFR backup menu by opening and closing the interaction menu etc?


Lastly, what is the difference between calling for code 3 backup and pursuit backup via the police radio buttons that integrate with this mod?



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