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ISO Specific Vanilla Vehicle Template/Lighting Question

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Hi all,


I'm currently messing around with creating my own edits of vanilla vehicles (with a heavy fixation on the fire/rescue side) because I've decided there aren't nearly enough to satisfy me, and I was wondering if anyone had or could possibly make a template of Utilitruck2, specifically with the box variant (extra3).


I originally tried to make my own template multiple times but each time I got frustrated and gave up.


Here's what I'm working on for those curious: I'm trying to make a rescue out of one of the vanilla utility trucks in game. I slapped on the lightbar from the ambulance and borrowed the other lights from cp702's Emergency Utility Truck.20180906193020_1.thumb.jpg.cab81eb27e2832030f859b8d1ae60c95.jpg

The screenshots actually make this look nicer than it is. The 'livery' I made (on the door) doesn't actually match the color in game, which is why I'd prefer to find a full template so I can really make this look great.


Also, I was wondering if there was any limit to how many siren items there are permitted to be on a model. The lightbar is 1-4 and the various lights around the vehicle are 5-20, but as you can see, three of the four on the back flash at the same time. I'd rather have the top left and bottom right flash together, and vice versa. I'm using SirenSetting #4 but I haven't messed around with any of those settings... yet.



If anyone's able to help, I'd be extremely appreciative.




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