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An Attempt To Make API Compatible on V-

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Now, I know it seems impossible, but someone should actually attempt to make LCPD:FR and its modifications compatible with GTA IV's newest patch which would be Patch


Sounds like a long-shot, I know.


I think it's a good idea though.




I am not an LCPD:FR.com moderator and am not affiliated with the staff team in any way.

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LCPDFR is end of life, no further updates will be produced.


The main thing stopping the compatibility of LCPDFR is the fact that the .NET Scripthook for GTA IV seems to be abandoned (and maybe the normal C++ scripthook too, I've not checked) and have not received updates for

The authors don't seem too interested in fixing this. If someone edited the Scripthook to make it compatible, it would not be allowed to be distrubuted for copyright reasons. If someone makes a new scripthook, LCPDFR would need to be ported to that, which wouldn't happen as LCPDFR as end-of-life.


Your only practical solution is downgrading your game to

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