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How Do I *Properly* Resize Something In ZModeler

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Hey all,


So I'm a bit new to the vehicle modding game and am currently making a concept for a police Sanchez... I'm currently using the Whelen Tir3's by OfficerFive0 (http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/11621-whelen-tir3-super-led-module/) and am having a bit of trouble with them. When I merge them into Z3, they're huge, and I ended up having to scale them down to about 0.02 in order to get them to fit... Once I fitted them, attached the sirens, and did all that, I exported and brought them into the game. For some reason they're still huge in-game, floating below the bike (see screenshots)... I took screenshots of what I'm seeing in Zmod3, OpenIV, and then in-game, as well as my hierarchy... If anybody knows what I might be doing wrong and would mind sharing some insight, it would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!

In Zmodeler 3:


In OpenIV:







My hierarchy in Zmod3:



Looking back at the pictures, I just realized that there's double of the chassis in the last picture... I'm thinking it might be a LOD issue but not too sure, help is still appreciated!


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You are right, when you resize something with multiple lods you'll have to resize it for each lod

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