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Are you having issues with Keys? Read me!

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This topic should help you through the most common key problems with LCPDFR and Simple native trainer,


Alt + B - call for lcpd assistance ( this spawns a car and puts you in it)

Alt + N - call for noose backup (spawns a motor bike and puts you on it)

Alt +u - Spawns helicopter

This is caused by the fact SNT has keys that match up with LCPDFR, a simple fix.

1) Go to your GTA/EFLC install location

2) Locate the Trainer config files, trainer.ini trainertbogt.ini and/or trainertlad.ini. If you do not see the .ini, it will be the file with the cog/gear on it

3) right click, open with, notepad

4) Locate the following Line by hitting CTRL+F and looking for keybindingsdisabled

KeyBindingsDisabled=0	//Key Bindings (except menu keys) disabled on startup

5) Change the 0 to a 1 like so.

KeyBindingsDisabled=1	//Key Bindings (except menu keys) disabled on startup

This will disable the "hot keys" and only allow f3, numpad 4 8 6 2 0 and backspace to operate the trainer

6) Save (see note below)

7) Repeat process If needed for EFLC trainers


You may come across an access denied error when trying to save, there are options around that

The quick way: Save as, pick a location (other than your gta folders), change save as type to all files, ensure the .ini is at the end of the name save, replace in your gta folders

The long, BUT never have to worry about that error again way: Unlocking your gta folders by following this video's instructions


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Would've though this is more appropriate in the content modifications section as the problem and fix is with SNT rather than LCPDFR.

Though it's a pretty good tutorial and will be directing people to this. Nice one.

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It's technically an LCPDFR issue as well if you think about it, Both mods conflict with each other, Also the mods can move it where they feel it's needed, and give most people post the issues under LCPDFR support... it might be better to leave it here if it gets pinned. You're welcome, Had one up here back when i was staff....seeing as most of my stuff was removed..thought i would take the time so you don't have to type it out anymore and just copy a link

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